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Onsite Inbound Consulting

Work with a dedicated HubSpot consultant to achieve your goals using the HubSpot software.

What’s Included With Onsite Inbound Consulting

With onsite inbound consulting, along with your Customer Success resource, you’ll have a dedicated Inbound Consultant available to meet with you and your team, face-to-face. Whether you’re trying to implement a new marketing strategy, train your customer service team on new tools and ideas, or help establish a new sales process, our Inbound Consultants are here to help you reach your goals.

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Sample on-site agendas (we will build a custom agenda for you):

  • Have an Inbound Consultant work with your team to learn the inbound framework, brainstorm tactics and strategies, and get hands-on with the tools in a mixture of lecture- and workshop-style training.

    Typical topics covered include:

    • Overview of the inbound methodology and framework
    • Persona development and campaign planning
    • Building and optimizing a conversion path
    • Segmentation, email, and lead nurturing
    • Sales and Marketing alignment
    • Reporting
  • Work with an Inbound Consultant to optimize your sales process, and help your sales team adopt the HubSpot software. Typical topics covered include:

    • A day in the life of a sales rep in HubSpot
    • How to manage leads using Contact views
    • How to manage your day with Tasks and Tasks queues
    • How to call leads in HubSpot
    • How to automate follow-ups using Templates and Sequences
    • Manage availability with Meeting links
    • Workshop - Building a prospecting strategy with sequences and Meeting links

For a full list of topics our consultants can help with, see here.

Key Details

Price: per day for up to 10 attendees. Price does not include travel and expenses.

Setting: At your location, the HubSpot office in Cambridge, MA, or the HubSpot office in Dublin, Ireland.

Timing: We require at least 15 business days from the time of purchase to the date of the on-site training.

Inbound Consulting: 1 Day 

Legal Description

Prefer to work with us remotely, or on an ongoing basis?

Business Consulting Project

Work with a dedicated HubSpot consultant to achieve a specific outcome for your business.

Ongoing Consulting

Work with a dedicated HubSpot Consultant on a weekly or monthly basis to help achieve long-term tool- or strategy-based goals.

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