Since starting at HubSpot in 2014, Casey has worked with over 300 marketing and sales teams ranging from one-person teams to global multi-person departments across a breadth of industries including, but not limited to, Travel, Media, SaaS, Consumer Goods and Real Estate, and worked. As an Inbound Consultant, Casey strives to ensure all her customers are seeing results with the HubSpot software and have the resources they need to be successful. One of Casey's favorite parts of working with customers is the opportunity to roll up her sleeves and dig deep into custom solutions that support their unique business needs. Most recently, Casey has helped to pioneer a Premier Services program supporting HubSpot's largest and highest value customers. As part of this program, she has worked with customers to complete a variety of tailored projects and deploy multiple revenue-driving campaigns. Topics Casey regularly consults on include automation for lifecycle progression, cart and page abandonment automation, email deliverability and spam analysis, portal usage and organization, and pillar-based content strategies.



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As a Hubspot customer, Casey is my Hubspot rep. It's been a pleasure to work with her; she's always eager and willing to answer questions and is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the platform and marketing in general. It's clear she doesn't just work in the industry -- she actually understands it. She's always friendly and her responses are smart, timely, and go above and beyond to help ensure her customers' success.

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