MK is on a mission aimed to transform the way the world does marketing, one customer at a time. With extensive experience creating content-rich, metrics-driven campaigns for small, medium and enterprise-level clients, MK has worked to drive clients across various industries to achieve repeated success. Not bound by a cookie-cutter approach to consulting, MK recognizes that we are all human. As humans, we are unique in our approach to learning, communicating and processing the world around us. With this unique approach to consulting, MK develops an innovative and tailored experience for each client in her portfolio.

Consulting Specialties Include:

  • Lead Nurturing: Replicating human interactions with an holistic online marketing experience. Lead nurturing isn't just email anymore. 
  • Design in Marketing: Teaching customers to effectively use the subtle, yet powerful, nuances of website design to drive conversation rates. Driving success in marketing is in the details.
  • eCommerce: Helping customers harness the power of our software and the Inbound Marketing Methodology to get found online and increase leads. 

Not afraid of a challenge, MK once packed up her guitar case and moved to the south of Spain in search of tapas and a chance to live outside of her comfort zone. When she’s not taking on new adventures in countries with languages she does not speak, MK can be found jogging along the Boston Harbor with her black lab, Kody



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Client Buzz

" I'll be honest - when we first signed on and had to pay for the initial consulting hours, I was a little hesitant because we have a pretty good in-house team and as a start-up, cash flow is our biggest problem.

Man was I wrong to be hesitant to that. The advice and knowledge that MK provided is priceless to what we are building at PetBox. Not only did she understand each granular detail, she was always a step ahead in thinking long-term and truly understanding our customer base. What we are doing at PetBox is not "e-commerce boilerplate" and I feel that MK went above and beyond with the level of detail that she provided our account.

I know I speak for our whole team when we say that we hope to be one of Hubspot's greatest success stories! If that does come to fruition, it will be large part due to MK's work at the launch of our account. "

Sean Conlon, CEO & Co-Founder

"Marketing is only as effective as the emotion it evokes." - MK