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'To say I have enjoyed working with Shilpa is an understatement.  Her expertise, enthusiasm, and dedication are unmatched, and the ease in which she understood our complicated and intricate business model was impressive, to say the least.  Shilpa has the rare gift of educating in a way that feels more like illumination.  Her thorough understanding of our practices and audiences coupled with her approachable personality allowed us to develop and expand our strategies well beyond my initial expectations.  Our consultation time with Shilpa has been educative and hugely beneficial.  I will definitely miss working with her.'

- Whitney Blackburn, Hytrol Conveyor Co., Inc.

'As the main consultant for our company's platform migration, Shilpa exceeded our expectations with her work ethic and deep knowledge of the product.  She would consistently provide detailed answers for problems and offer to walk us through the process to ensure our success.  Even when answers were not readily available, she would persist in her research or direct us to the proper resource.  Overall, her quality of work speaks volumes about her and her company culture.'

- Martin Yan, Liferay  

'I had the great fortune to work with Shilpa as the leader of our training sessions for HubSpot.  Her expertise of inbound marketing and the Hubspot system, combined with excellent communication and enthusiasm makes her training sessions extremely effective.  She can always break down a complicated issue and make it easy to understand and follow.  She's professional, patient, and a great listener.  By the end of the training, we had a strong grasp of how HubSpot facilitates the implementation of our content marketing strategy.  We were immediately able to use what we learned and customize the system to adapt to our own needs and achieve our goals.  Shilpa is amazing and working with her is a sheer joy.'

- Frances Weaver, Medical Doctor Associates

'Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.' - Albert Einstein

Shilpa Pandya