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"For starters, Stephanie is a genuinely friendly and warm person. This made her lovely to work with and easy to talk to when I was feeling insecure about my lack of experience as a marketer. She is able to bring knowledge down to a beginner’s level, all while keeping the conversation educational, constructive, and productive—a skill valued in a good teacher and mentor. Stephanie is thorough in answering questions, adept at picking up on problem areas and addressing them, and quick to respond to emails. To top it off, she always sounds excited about the information she is sharing and the skills she is passing over, which is energizing!"

- Erin, The Nature of Things

"Hubspot is an amazing tool and it can be somewhat overwhelming, especially in the beginning when you are getting to know the system and its endless features. Here is where the team behind Hubspot really makes a difference. I worked with Stephanie Lussier and in her I found the perfect guide to help me both understand the system and how to prioritize the process of setting it up. 

She took time to understand my business model and help me set up the tools and content that I would need for my companies beta testing phase and initial marketing push. She was very patient and always took the time to explain everything in depth so that I could make better decisions and spend my very limited time available in the best way possible.

I am very happy to have her as part of my team and have been able to exceed my initial marketing goals thanks to her advise and support."

- Ernesto, Lost Hotels

"My team made enormous strides utilizing Hubspot to create content, connect with customers, and basically become discoverable.  Since implementing Hubspot with Stephanie Lussier's guidance, we have captured the #1 spot for many of our target keywords, added hundreds of customers, and earned tens of thousands in recurring revenue for our niche enterprise data exploration and analytics platform at Qbox.io.  We could not be happier with our experience." 

- Mark, Qbox.io

"Working with Stephanie was enormously helpful to me in learning about inbound marketing and using HubSpot successfully.  She is intelligent, very knowledgeable about her subject matter and adept at coaching.  As the face of HubSpot to me, she created a very favorable impression of the service and her company.  As a result, I am a very satisfied customer!"

- Jeff, Idencia


"Success if often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable." - COCO CHANEL

Stephanie Lussier