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Action Plan for Excel, Word, Google Docs, Google Sheets

Use our free action plan template to help get your business or project goals off the ground.

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Available for Excel & Word & Google Docs & Google Sheets

Template Highlights

  • The template is available for download in Excel and Microsoft Word or accessible in Google Sheets and Google Docs.
  • In the Google Sheets and Excel files, our action plan template includes a task summary section that automatically counts completed, uncompleted, and overdue tasks.
  • Our action plan template also allows you to easily insert your logo, adding a professional touch to your action plan document when sharing it with team members or stakeholders.


What is an action plan?

An action plan is a document that sets out the steps required to complete an objective. It is often used in project management to help meet goals promptly.

An action plan is more than a laundry list of tasks that need to be done. Rather, it’s a detailed breakdown of how you plan to achieve something. Your action plan may touch on objectives, resources, methods, and constraints.

Benefits of an action plan

As the saying goes, “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” Without a clear action plan to keep you on track, it’s easy to lose sight of important tasks and miss project deadlines.

By using an action plan template, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Clearer objectives: Writing an action plan helps you pinpoint objectives for you and your team.
  • Better accountability: Having an action plan in place with set processes and objectives helps you stay accountable to yourself, your colleagues, and your stakeholders.
  • Increased productivity: With an action plan in place, you can save time and make your project workflow more efficient.

How to create an action plan

While this action plan can be used by anyone, it’s specifically designed for business owners and project managers. Follow these steps:

  • Define your goals: As Zig Ziglar said, “A goal properly set is halfway reached.” You should use the SMART goal framework to help with pinpointing your objectives.
  • Clarify key tasks: These are the steps you’ll take to achieve your desired outcome. For example, a new product release could involve tasks related to design, development, and production. Establish the priority level of all tasks and set milestones for their completion.
  • Communicate responsibilities: Each team member should understand how they fit into achieving the goal.
  • Identify challenges and dependencies: Clarify difficulties related to the task and mark when the undertaking of one task relies on the completion of another.
  • Set realistic deadlines: This step requires careful consideration because if you have many task dependencies with overly tight deadlines, one missed due date could derail the entire project timeline.
  • Amend your action plan: Regularly review your plan and adjust it as needed so that it continues to align with your objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the steps outlined above to create an effective action plan. HubSpot offers a free action plan template to help you get started.

They are very similar. However, an action plan usually has a narrower scope and a shorter time frame than a project plan. For example, a project plan could contain several action plans within it.