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Expense Report for Word, Excel, PDF, Google Sheets

Need a way to track your work expenditures to get reimbursed appropriately? Our simple, free expense report template is the perfect tool.

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    Template Highlights

    • This expense report template is available as an Excel workbook, a Word document, or a PDF.
    • Begin by completing the information in the upper left corner of the report. You will need to include the pay period, as well as your name, position, department, manager, and employee ID number. You should also indicate the reason for the expenditures.
    • Now, enter your expenses in the spreadsheet. Include the date of purchase and a brief description. Place the amount in the appropriate column (designated by category).
    • The expenses will be summed automatically at the bottom of the table.
    • Add any relevant notes before submitting to your supervisor.
    • When the expense report is authorized, your manager will add their name and signature.


    What is an expense report?

    An expense report tracks the items and services that you purchase for work. Expense reports are often used for business travel so employees can be reimbursed at a later time, but they can be used to record everyday expenses, too. Common examples of expenses to record during business travel are transportation, meals, parking, and hotels.

    What does an expense report include?

    An expense report typically includes an itemized list of each purchase an employee made that needs to be reimbursed. The report also usually includes: 

    • Date: When the purchase was made.
    • Vendor: Where the purchase was made.
    • Amount: The transaction amount, including tax.
    • Employee: Who made the purchase.
    • Description: An explanation of the expense.
    • Category: The type of expense, such as transportation or meals.
    • Total: The total amount of expenses to be reimbursed.

    You may also record:

    • Client: The client associated with the expense.
    • Project: The project associated with the expense.
    • Notes: Additional details related to the expense you want to track.

    Importance of expense reports

    An expense report is a helpful tool business owners can use to reimburse employees and accurately report business expenses for tax purposes. This expense report template makes tracking business purchases easier and more accurate than relying solely on pen and paper.

    Additionally, this expense report template for Excel, Google Sheets, PDF, and Word can help you with:

    Accurate reimbursements

    As a business owner, you want to make sure that you reimburse your employees for the right amount. Having team members file an expense report is a simple way to verify their work expenditures.


    Creating an itemized expense report builds accountability into your employees’ business travel. This way, you know exactly what you’re reimbursing them for and make sure you only pay them back for business-related expenses.

    Cost analysis

    Recording expenses every time an employee travels can help you understand the categories and clients where you spend the most money. Insights from expense reports enable you to make data-driven decisions about your business’s finances. According to one report, 55% of companies use expense management data to inform financial activities, like annual budgeting and planning. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Creating an expense report in Excel is easy to do when you download our expense report template as an Excel workbook. After that, all you have to do is input the identifying information, dates, charges, and amounts, and you're nearly done! 

    Absolutely. Like all of our templates, it’s on the house! You can instantly download our expense report template after you’ve provided your contact information.

    Yep. This one's on the house… just like all of our templates! Feel free to tailor this template to fit your specific expense reporting needs.

    Once you’ve entered your contact information, you can instantly download this template (along with all the other templates in this collection!). That’s it.