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Company Organization Manual for Word, Google Docs

Create a professional company organization manual with the help of this template.

Download Free Template

Available for Word & Google Docs

Template Highlights

  • Present a comprehensive view of the relationships between each area of your company.
  • Use the template in Word or Google Docs.
  • Describe the basic functions in the company organization manual for easy reference by any employee.
  • Include the authority, dependency, and coordination relationships according to the basic and specific functions of each corporate area.
  • Determine job profiles, including requirements and responsibilities, for each area.
  • Edit the company organization manual to align with internal communication standards and corporate image.
  • Print the manual in your preferred format or share it via email with area leaders, managers, and the board of directors.

Frequently Asked Questions

A company organization and functions manual is a normative document focused on institutional management. It typically includes the basic functions of all areas, as well as the authority, dependency, and coordination relationships. It may also include the main job profiles as an appendix.

Start by determining the areas that make up the company and their specific basic functions. Then proceed with the correlations between the areas, levels of responsibility, dependencies, and authority and coordination relationships.

Yes, you can edit the company organization manual to tailor it to your needs.

Yes, it is completely free to download.