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Payment Reminder for Word, Google Docs

We have created a free template for payment reminders that allows you to quickly and easily enter the necessary information.

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Available for Word & Google Docs

Template Highlights

  • When invoices are not paid on time or are not paid at all, companies need to take action. The first step is usually a carefully worded and written payment reminder.
  • To ensure that your payment reminder is legally considered a reminder, make sure to include all the necessary details. Start by entering the name and address of your company, the name and address of the recipient, and the customer number.
  • Then, include the invoice number, the invoice amount, and the corresponding bank details in the payment request.
  • What is a payment reminder? A payment reminder is sent to remind invoice recipients of overdue payments. Legally, it is considered a first reminder.

Frequently Asked Questions

When drafting your payment reminder, you should politely and accommodatingly request the outstanding amounts. Generally, the sent payment reminder serves as the first reminder in a usually three-stage process. Therefore, it is not necessary to mention a payment deadline or legal steps initially. These are usually addressed in later correspondence.

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