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Project Schedule for Excel, Google Sheets

Organize each activity of your projects annually with the help of the schedule template.

Download Free Template

Available for Excel & Google Sheets

Template Highlights

  • Use the schedule template in Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Add as many activities as necessary to track each stage of the project.
  • Set the start and end dates for each activity.
  • Reflect changes, delays, and progress in your project as the year progresses.
  • Allocate financial and technical resources as the activities, milestones, and phases of your project progress.
  • Print the schedule in your preferred format or share it with project team leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

A schedule is a highly useful graphical tool in project planning. It is used to represent the activities that need to be carried out within the established timeframes during the planning phase. It is also known as a work calendar.

To create a schedule, you simply need to identify the activities, milestones, and phases of a project. Then, distribute them in a calendar organized by bi-months, quarters, or semesters. If you require a higher level of detail, you can edit this template to organize the work calendar on a weekly basis.

Yes, the schedule is designed to be editable. You can add as many activities as needed for each quarter or organize the year into semesters.

Yes, the schedule is completely free.