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BrixCRM Creates New Revenue Opportunities as a HubSpot CRM Implementation Accredited Partner

When BrixCRM saw the power and flexibility of HubSpot CRM, it added the platform to its product portfolio and became the first HubSpot AIC Partner in Benelux. Today, BrixCRM is implementing HubSpot CRM for large enterprise customers that want greater value from their CRM platform.


BrixCRM is the premier CRM specialist in the Netherlands. Since 2005, it has helped organizations use their customer data to build lasting and profitable relationships. BrixCRM is also an Advanced Implementation Certified (AIC) partner of HubSpot—the only one in Benelux.


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    Maintaining Status as a Top CRM Expert

    BrixCRM prides itself on being the top CRM expert in the Netherlands. It reached that level of success and expertise by carefully matching the best CRM solutions on the market to its enterprise customers. 

    Most recently, Edwin Siebum, Founder of BrixCRM was looking for a solution that could meet a growing demand among enterprise customers for a new type of CRM experience. Those customers wanted a CRM platform that was easy-to-use, yet powerful and flexible enough to meet their complex needs. 

    “Many of our customers, especially our larger, enterprise customers, want a fresh way of working,” says Edwin. “They want to spend their time and money only where they can get real value and results.”

    When Edwin found HubSpot, it was a perfect partnership. BrixCRM needed a partner capable of meeting its growing demand. Meanwhile, HubSpot was looking for a partner in the Benelux who could handle complex and out-of-the-ordinary CRM implementation projects.

    “HubSpot evolved from inbound marketing to a complete CRM solution out of one vision, not a series of acquisitions, which was interesting to us,” says Edwin. From a technical perspective, it was very innovative.”

    Edwin decided to add HubSpot CRM to the BrixCRM portfolio of products and soon became the first HubSpot Advanced Implementation Certification (AIC) partner in Benelux.  

    Expanding the Product Portfolio With HubSpot CRM

    BrixCRM proceeded to implement HubSpot for a variety of complex users, including companies with millions of contacts. The speed and efficiency of implementation impressed Tom Schuurman, Marketing Manager of BrixCRM. 

    “With HubSpot, we can ramp up within a few weeks, even in an intricate situation,” says Edwin. “Normally, we’d need three months to deliver a minimum viable product.”

    Outstanding levels of user adoption

    One of the things that impresses Edwin and Tom the most about HubSpot CRM—is the high rate of user adoption. 

    “Usually, user adoption takes three weeks or more to ramp up,” says Tom. “With HubSpot, it’s instantaneous. You can see the usage increase every day, and it just keeps going up and up.”

    Because user adoption is so high, HubSpot’s CRM data is more complete. 

    “Everyone uses it, so the information is always up-to-date,” says Edwin. “That’s pure gold for any company.” 

    Similarly, Edwin sees the value in having a platform that’s fully utilized. Other CRM platforms may have equally robust capabilities, such as Salesforce or Oracle, but HubSpot is more likely to be adopted because it's so much easier to learn, use and understand. 

    The flexibility to meet complex enterprise needs

    Complex implementations wouldn’t be possible if HubSpot CRM didn’t have the flexibility to meet the varied needs of enterprise customers

    “A lot of our customers can’t buy software off the shelf,” says Edwin. “They need customization options to build unique processes and have them work seamlessly with what they already have in place.”

    That flexibility and customization is made possible via HubSpot CRM’s custom objects. With custom objects, organizations can structure their data exactly as they want, leveraging their own uniqueness to grow.  

    “HubSpot is very comprehensive, with even more features and capabilities to come,” says Edwin. “In the meantime, if anything is missing, you can create it with custom objects.”

    Finding new revenue opportunities

    By becoming a HubSpot AIC partner, BrixCRM has more opportunities to attract new enterprise customers and upsell existing customers, thereby increasing monthly recurring revenue. 

    “We get leads from HubSpot,” says Edwin. “If they have a customer with complicated needs, they’ll invite us to the table because they know we are implementation experts.”

    BrixCRM’s HubSpot channel account manager also helps the team find opportunities to deepen relationships with existing customers.

    “We have weekly meetings with our HubSpot channel account manager where we talk about our pipeline, deals and marketing,” he adds. “They also look for opportunities that can help us grow our existing business with customers.”

    As a HubSpot Solutions Partner, BrixCRM also has the ear of the HubSpot product development team and can ask for new features that will help them further meet the needs of its customers. 

    Implementing HubSpot CRM internally

    Edwin and Tom were so impressed with HubSpot CRM, they decided to implement it for their own sales and marketing teams. 

    “We switched our CRM to HubSpot in January 2021,” says Tom. “During the pandemic, we realized we needed more visibility into customer interactions, and we also wanted to empower our marketing and sales team to work together more efficiently.” 

    HubSpot’s vision for the future

    Edwin and Tom also express confidence in the direction HubSpot is going. 

    “I’ve been in CRM software my whole life, and I think HubSpot is an absolute killer for the future,” says Edwin. “With the steps they’re taking, and the vision behind the company, they’re meeting Salesforce and may even exceed them. They’re going very, very fast at the moment.”

    Diversified Product Portfolio Creates New Revenue Opportunities

    Thanks to its status as the only HubSpot AIC Solutions Partner in Benelux, and its longstanding expertise in CRM, BrixCRM is attracting enterprise customers that are looking to get more advanced results with their CRM platform. 

    “With a broader portfolio, we have extensive  opportunities to grow our services,” says Edwin. “Today, we have a dedicated team for HubSpot, and it’s expanding. The impact has been significant for us.”

    “HubSpot is extremely comprehensive and powerful.”

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