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Infinity Drives Efficiency and Conversions With HubSpot

Infinity is a cloud-based call tracking platform that pulls crucial insights, data, and intelligence from conversations, allowing clients to improve marketing, operations, and overall efficiency. They sought out a more comprehensive solution, making the transition to HubSpot Marketing Enterprise Hub.

  • 24% increase in website visitor retention year-over-year

  • 251% increase year-over-year in homepage content clicks and engagement


Infinity is a cloud-based call tracking platform that provides in-depth call intelligence to clients across several sectors, including healthcare, travel, and automotive. Through their comprehensive call analytics suite, Infinity empowers marketing and operations teams with key insights to improve their processes and customer support and drive results.


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    Looking For a More Efficient, Comprehensive Marketing Solution

    Back in 2015, the team at Infinity was frustrated with the inefficiencies they experienced using a variety of tools to manage their sales and marketing. "You have to pay for them separately. You have to have different logins. And then, you don't have all the information you need in one place," says Paula Morales, Acting Head of Campaigns and Channels. Multiple team members had experience with HubSpot—and knew that it would enable them to move a large portion of their sales and marketing activities away from separate tools and into one integrated platform.

    "Instead of having multiple tools—which I've done in the past—you can have all the tools you need from a marketing perspective in one place," says Morales. In the past, when the Infinity team rolled out new tools, integration had been a challenge. But they were immediately impressed by HubSpot's seamless integration with both their internal and external software—notably Salesforce, their CRM. "We were able to deploy our Javascript [for our call tracking software] on HubSpot pages and forms which made a big difference for us," says Morales. "And connecting it to our CRM through the Salesforce integration meant that you could automatically create new leads and store all that information on the customer journey…[and] see that in real-time."

    In addition to the seamless integration, Morales saw immediate improvements in productivity and efficiency when they made the switch. "I can do multi-touch attribution and cross over different channels—and when you have different tools you're not able to do that," says Morales. "You have to export the data, try to visualize it, do a pivot table on Google sheets...stuff like that. That saves a lot of time for a team internally."

    Using Data to Improve Performance and Increase Conversions

    Using Infinity alongside Marketing Hub Enterprise, Infinity found huge value in the robust analytics and reporting features. HubSpot helped Infinity see more profound insights into the full customer journey—insights which influenced more strategic marketing decisions to increase conversions.

    "By linking our journey data to the HubSpot’s landing pages, forms and live chat tools in Marketing Hub, I could understand how some of our key prospects were engaging with Infinity’s content and campaigns before contacting us," says Head of Content Andy Vale. "It heavily informed a whole redesign of the homepage." These changes to the website structure resulted in a 24% increase in their visitor retention rate.

    The suite of tools in Marketing Hub Enterprise have also given Infinity more insight into their content efforts—and how those efforts impact their bottom line. "Our content team produces a lot of great content that we publish regularly, and it's exciting to see its impact on our revenue pipeline," says Morales. "HubSpot makes lead generation so much easier. We combine it with Infinity to see how certain tactics have impacted our numbers in a given month or quarter."

    Expanding Into New Markets With the Help of HubSpot

    Infinity has big plans for expansion—and HubSpot is poised to play a major part in that growth. "HubSpot empowers our ambition," says Vale. "We've got big plans on where we're going to go. New markets, new industries, new users...really exciting things."

    "To get there, we need the partners who frankly are going to be along for the ride with us and can keep up with where we want to go," continues Vale. "HubSpot—in terms of its flexibility [and] the strength of the reporting—allows us to do that because we're going to go into these new markets, and we need to know what's working. We need to have confidence that we're going to have a strong presence there. And I think HubSpot gives us the feedback to do that reliably and confidently…[HubSpot] already is, and it will continue to be an important part of our work."

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