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Nuvei streamlines its digital campaigns and improves reporting

Hubspot became Nuvei’s one platform for consolidating all marketing efforts, bringing measurable results, automating lead qualification, and improving communication with Sales.

  • 36% MQLs

  • 54% Increase in #total leads

  • 12 Digital campaigns a month


Nuvei (Nasdaq: NVEI) (TSX: NVEI) is a Canadian fintech company accelerating the business of clients around the world. Nuvei’s modular, flexible and scalable technology allows leading companies to accept next-gen payments, offer all payout options and benefit from card issuing, banking, risk and fraud management services.


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    Choosing the HubSpot Marketing platform 

    Before implementing HubSpot, Nuvei had to operate multiple marketing tools and apps: Mailchimp for email marketing, Unbounce for designing LPs, embedded website forms, in addition to managing numerous spreadsheets.  

    “We weren’t using any marketing automation tools, and since our Sales team uses Salesforce, all leads were added there directly,” says Maya Azaria Shelly, Head of ABM at Nuvei. “We wanted one platform to perform many tasks, instead of using multiple platforms. One hub to sync all our marketing activities.” 

    “Our marketing department, as it is today, was formed after we started using HubSpot. Before, we didn’t have an established process to nurture or qualify leads - all leads went directly to Sales,” adds Maya. 

    The management’s requirement was for the marketing department to not only generate leads, but also to nurture and qualify them before handing them over to Sales. To not only support awareness and organic lead generation processes, but to become the generation lead booster for the company. 

    Before, Sales were the main engine that created leads, and now the marketing team is changing that: before, only 2-3% leads were coming from marketing, and today it is 30-35%.

    Goals and Implementation Process

    There were a number of goals Nuvei wanted to achieve by implementing HubSpot: being able to track marketing activities in one place, reporting on marketing activities and showing marketing impact, setting up marketing automations, starting lead qualification, integrating HubSpot with Salesforce. Ultimately, aligning all marketing members around the same marketing database.

    “We are happy that we relied on Envy when it came to the implementation process. For a big company with multiple stakeholders involved, it would be challenging to build and implement the whole process alone, without having an experienced vendor on their side,” says Maya.

    The implementation was a step by step process, and included a few stages.

    Growing with HubSpot Marketing Hub

    “We started launching digital campaigns, and as of now we do 12 per month” says Maya.

    In addition to lead-nurturing efforts, Nuvei also runs ABM campaigns, targeting their audience on a few platforms. For example, a LinkedIn campaign, accompanied by an email campaign targeting the main stakeholders. 

     HubSpot Usability and Integrations with Other Tools

    “HubSpot is the most usable tool for us, UX is one of the easiest (compared to others), and the support system is great!” says Maya.

    In addition to the integration with a Sales CRM, Nuvei successfully integrated a few prospecting tools, and is planning to add more integrations later this year. 

    “The technical side of connecting the platforms is usually a piece of cake; what requires effort and expertise is building processes behind the integration to get the most value out of it, and so that it would serve your goals,” says Maya. “This part takes careful planning and usually requires the assistance of an operations expert such as Envy, or another HubSpot partner, unless you have operations in house.”


    Before implementing HubSpot, measuring conversions throughout the funnel presented a challenge. 

    Since the implementation, Nuvei’s team was able to report on the percentage of marketing generated leads in 2022 by funnel stage: MQLS= 36%, SQLs= 39%, Opp= 23%, Customers= 19%, Total = 25%. The percentage increase in 2022 vs 2021 was 54% in the total number of leads.

    One Hub For All Marketing Activities

    “Most importantly, the value of having all together in one platform for us is that we are now able to show marketing impact on lead generation, the number of MQLs and SQLs.” says Maya. 

    Marketing-Sales Communication

    Before implementing HubSpot, the Sales team had limited information about the lead’s journey, and this information is valuable for tailoring the sales approach. 

    “By adding marketing insights to the Salesforce layout as part of the integration, we are now providing useful information about the lead’s journey, which Sales didn’t have access to before,” says Maya. “This will help Sales tailor their approach to the lead and, in perspective, help close more deals”

    Overall Impression

    Maya recommends using the HubSpot platform as it’s great for big organizations with higher budgets. “We enjoyed the possibility to upgrade gradually: we started with essentials  (a Professional subscription), and then added features as we needed them, and eventually updated to Enterprise,” says Maya.  

    “Implementing HubSpot completely changed the way our marketing department functions. 

    Our marketing approach used to be more organic, through content, face to face events, and thought leadership. And now we have shifted to a much more digital approach: making decisions based on the measured ROI, leveraging HubSpot reports, etc.” she summarizes.

    Long-term Goals

    Nuvei’s marketing team is planning to focus on ABM. Now that they have built a good database, it’s time to dive in, get more value out of the leads they have, and receive alerts for top leads’ activities. “We will also use integrations more actively to add more relevant leads, and enrich the leads we are targeting.” says Maya. 

    Implementing HubSpot completely changed the way our marketing department functions. Our marketing approach used to be more organic, through content, face to face events, and thought leadership. And now we have shifted to a much more digital approach: making decisions based on the measured ROI, leveraging HubSpot reports, etc.

    Maya Azaria Shelly

    Head of ABM


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