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Piwik PRO Aligns Customer-Facing Teams With HubSpot

After realizing that using disparate systems was causing friction between its internal teams, Piwik PRO sought a change. Here's how Piwik PRO used HubSpot to bring its marketing, sales, and customer service teams into alignment.

  • 40% increase in MQLs

  • 140% increase in leads

Piwik PRO

Founded in 2013 in Poland, Piwik PRO offers a platform for organisations to analyze and streamline customer journeys. With Piwik PRO, you can measure, analyze, and improve the user experience at each step of the customer journey.


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    Searching for an All-in-One Solution

    Piwik PRO offers a platform empowering organisations to analyze and streamline customer journeys that are used by privacy-focused enterprises, public sector bodies, and governments worldwide. The company expanded quickly after its foundation in 2013, but by 2017, it was ready to get its marketing working harder. It was already using the Marketo platform, but it was eager to take things to the next level.

    Marketing Manager Szymon Grzesiak explains, “Before HubSpot, we used a combination of Salesforce and Marketo. There was an integration between the tools, but that wasn't perfect. The marketing team didn’t know much about our Salesforce CRM, while our salespeople did not know anything about Marketo.

    "There was a lot of data in one tool that did not sync to the other tool, so we started to look for an all-in-one solution where all the information could be in one place. This goal was to have sales, marketing, and customer support to work together."

    Piwik PRO evaluated several options before deciding that Marketing Hub and Sales Hub was the ideal combination. “Marketing Hub had all the features we had been looking for, and it was easy to use. We could create lead nurturing campaigns in a fast, effective way and then dig down into a whole range of metrics to measure their success," says Szymon.

    “Having everyone working from the same playbook made much sense to us. We wanted a complete view of the customer journey, from the first visit to closed deal, and HubSpot was the best way to get that. Usability was also a factor, and it was important that our sales team could use it from day one.”

    Piwik PRO initially expected it would take three months to transfer all of its data from Marketo, but with the help of the HubSpot Onboarding Services, it took just three weeks and Szymon was delighted with the benefits they gained.

    “While sales and marketing were cooperating before, both departments started to work together more effectively after moving to HubSpot. For example, marketing uses activity notes from sales meetings and calls to gain insights into the needs of our audience and improve our content strategy. With a shared system, we also have better insight into the sales pipeline and align our goals towards that.”

    Leveraging a Platform for Growth

    Piwik PRO uses a variety of inbound marketing strategies to grow the business, and sees excellent results from educational content, as Szymon explains. “We use blogging to generate traffic to the website and create offers such as vendor comparisons to capture leads. We also sent out newsletters with the latest content to our audience.”

    As a scaling company, Piwik PRO relies heavily on the workflows tool in Marketing Hub to grow. “We use automated nurturing campaigns to generate SQL’s for the sales team. They save us a lot of time, and we continuously try to improve them. We have a lot of workflows in HubSpot.

    "However, many of them are administrative and ensure that our CRM data such as region, owner, and lifecycle stage are up to date. We also have workflows to help track our sales process. For example, I get notifications if reps create a deal, but did not mark it as an SQL, and this helps us keep track of everything."

    Piwik PRO’s salespeople have also boosted their productivity since adopting HubSpot. With Sales Hub Professional, each rep has a clear view of their prospects’ historical interactions, which allows them to create informed conversations.

    “The sales team uses templates, sequences, and meeting calendars to improve productivity every day. Our salespeople also use notes to track and record their activity so that they have a deeper insight into their prospects.

    "The data gathered also helps departments such as customer success to have more context on historical interactions with each customer and can focus on improving the customer experience. Our salespeople also use HubSpot’s integration with Gmail, which automatically logs and tracks emails to the CRM and saves them time,” says Szymon.

    Impressive Growth Across Key Metrics

    Since 2017, Piwik PRO has seen excellent results from focusing on creating an effective content strategy, utilizing marketing automation and creating a great customer experience. In the year 2018, the company saw a 20% increase in MQLs and a 40% increase in 2019. Leads also grew by 140% from Q1 2019 to Q1 2020.

    Going forward, Szymon knows that increasing the effectiveness of their nurturing will be a key to growth. “In future, we want to continue improving our nurturing campaigns. We are actually in the middle of updating our personas. During this process, we are using the data in HubSpot to learn more about our audiences needs so that we can target them more effectively.

    "Our plan to create a better, more personalized experience for our audience. We can also see that the content, such as lead magnets, that we make is working, so we will focus on creating more. On the sales side, while we want to grow the pipeline, we also need to continue improving our process over time.”

    • slawomir-kamiński.jpg
      Our main goals were to get better reporting and to foster sales and marketing alignment, and HubSpot offered us the best way forward.

      Sławomir Kamiński

      Performance Marketing Specialist

      Piwik PRO

    • slawomir-kamiński
      Thanks to the HubSpot software, we can find out which of our activities are working best and adjust our strategy accordingly.

      Sławomir Kamiński

      Performance Marketing Specialist

      Piwik PRO

    • slawomir-kamiński
      The HubSpot software has helped us to optimize our marketing and sales performance, and we’re looking forward to seeing what comes next.

      Sławomir Kamiński

      Performance Marketing Specialist

      Piwik PRO

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