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SeedLegals Helps Its Customers Raise £1.3 Billion With the Help of the HubSpot CRM Platform

SeedLegals consolidated its disparate sales, marketing, and customer service tools on the HubSpot CRM Platform to serve its growing base of 50,000 customers better and more efficiently.

  • 50,000 customers

  • £1.3 bn raised on SeedLegals

  • 20% productivity increase


SeedLegals is a one-stop platform for the legal documents companies need to get funded and grow their businesses.


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    Astronomical Growth

    “In just six months from launch, we had 1500 companies on the platform and were doing two funding rounds per day, making us the largest closer of funding rounds in the UK,” says Anthony Rose, CEO and Co-Founder of SeedLegals

    Given this rate of growth right out of the gate, SeedLegals’ sales, marketing, and customer service teams scrambled to keep up, implementing whatever tools they deemed necessary to do it. Thus, over time, SeedLegals accumulated disparate sales, marketing, and customer service tools, including Typeform, Survicate, and Intercom. 

    When Fabrice Renucci, VP of Marketing at SeedLegals, came onboard in March 2021, he saw the need to consolidate those tools to streamline processes and increase efficiency. “We were leveraging too many third-party tools, which was complex and expensive,” says Fabrice.

    Enrolling in HubSpot for Startups

    SeedLegals signed up for HubSpot for Startups in February 2020 through their VC investor, Seedcamp, and received discounted pricing on the full HubSpot CRM Platform, including Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and Operations Hub

    However, it wasn’t until Fabrice hired a new Head of CRM in August 2021 that SeedLegals’ consolidation on the HubSpot CRM Platform really took shape. 

    Scaling with the HubSpot CRM Platform

    SeedLegals’ new Head of CRM immediately got to work replacing third-party tools with the HubSpot CRM Platform. “We committed to using the HubSpot CRM Platform as our single source of truth across marketing and sales,” says Fabrice. 

    Before long, SeedLegals discontinued use of Campaign Monitor, Drip, Typeform, Survicate, and other tools. It’s also in the middle of migrating its customer success team and knowledge base from Intercom to HubSpot CRM chat for customer service. “Our goal is to kill Intercom eventually,” says Fabrice. 

    Fabrice explains the benefit of using the HubSpot chat functionality as opposed to a third-party tool: “Moving to HubSpot for chat will increase data integrity, minimise hiccups, and save time.” 

    Identifying duplicate records

    Consolidating onto the HubSpot CRM Platform had the added benefit of revealing previously undetected data issues.

    For example, Fabrice and his team discovered a problem with duplicate records. “We realised we were probably over-reporting because we had legacy duplicate records,” says Fabrice. “We were able to identify and solve the problem, which has helped our data integrity.”

    Streamlining processes

    Consolidating tools onto one platform also streamlined SeedLegals’ sales, marketing, and customer service processes, with email marketing a prominent example.

    Fabrice explains: "Before, we were using several third-party email marketing tools because one team would sign up for a tool and then a different team would sign up for a different tool. We didn’t even know about some of them because there was no owner. Now, we’ve streamlined all our email marketing with HubSpot.”

    Automation for productivity and efficiency

    Fabrice and his team are also using the built-in automation of the HubSpot CRM Platform to increase productivity and efficiency. 

    “We automatically send emails at certain steps in the product journey—for example, letting people know when our experts have completed a review, or when it’s time to prepare a new R&D tax credits claim,” says Fabrice. “It minimises the manual work needed to contact clients.”

    This automation is core to SeedLegals’ ability to grow quickly. “Workflows allow us to streamline the customer journey at scale,” says Fabrice.

    Integrating systems with APIs

    In some cases, Fabrice and his team have retained third-party tools, such as Stripe, and now integrate them with the HubSpot CRM Platform—something made possible by the HubSpot CRM Platform’s APIs

    “Being able to connect to third-party systems to share data, such as Stripe and our own app software, has been huge,” says Fabrice. “Adding invoice data from Stripe means the sales team can access up-to-date payment data in HubSpot, and chase outstanding invoices.” 

    Still, the HubSpot CRM Platform remains the central place where sales, marketing, and customer service teams can go to get a complete picture of a customer. “It’s the ultimate source of truth for all customer journeys,” says Fabrice.

    Reporting on sales and customer success

    Implementation of the HubSpot CRM Platform also transformed SeedLegals’ reporting process. “With HubSpot, we can easily report on sales and customer success activity,” says Fabrice. “It’s been integral to our commercial teams as we’ve scaled.” 

    Recently, SeedLegals implemented Tableau as a data visualisation platform and integrated it with the HubSpot CRM Platform. While Fabrice and his team are now building reports in Tableau, the HubSpot CRM Platform remains the central repository of sales, marketing, and customer service information. “HubSpot remains our single source of truth even with Tableau in place,” says Fabrice.

    Expanding to offices worldwide

    Today, SeedLegals is in the process of rolling out the HubSpot CRM Platform to its offices around the world. “We’ve done the setup for our French office, Irish office, and APAC office,” says Fabrice. “It’s enabled us to scale not just across the UK but also internationally.” 

    Becoming a HubSpot for Startups partner

    As an indicator of how far SeedLegals has come since it first enrolled in the HubSpot for Startups program, SeedLegals itself has become a HubSpot for Startups partner. 

    As a HubSpot for Startups partner, SeedLegals can provide its own clients with the HubSpot CRM Platform at a preferred rate and give them access to valuable HubSpot educational resources that will help those startups succeed.

    £1 Billion Raised

    With the HubSpot CRM Platform as its single source of truth—along with the platform’s automation and APIs—SeedLegals has what it needs to scale and support its growing base of customers. 

    Since partnering with HubSpot, SeedLegals has celebrated an important milestone. Their 35,000+ customers have raised collectively over £1 billion in investment funding via the SeedLegals platform.

    While focusing on accelerated growth, SeedLegals is also operating more efficiently by streamlining processes and implementing automation, resulting in a 20% increase in productivity. “The time we save makes it possible for us to give our customers better and more efficient support,” says Fabrice.

    Today, SeedLegals continues to grow and expand around the globe. “The HubSpot CRM Platform has been super scalable for us,” says Fabrice. “It’s grown right alongside our company.”


    “With its ability to scale, HubSpot is the perfect solution for a startup like ours.”

    Fabrice Renucci

    VP of Marketing



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