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T-Pro is Scaling Efficiently Through Global Expansion with HubSpot’s Full CRM

When T-Pro began expanding globally, they needed to unlock automations and amalgamated data. With HubSpot’s full CRM, they replaced their tech stack and optimised operations, driving continued growth worldwide.

  • 500% Increase in new website sessions

  • 90% MOM increase in new website sessions from Australia and New Zealand

  • 40% Average monthly conversion of leads to deals


T-Pro is a global leader in clinical documentation improvement software. Their cloud-based solutions enable speech recognition, medical transcription, messaging and coding to facilitate patient-centred care.


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    Expanding globally with high efficiency

    Headquartered in Dublin, T-Pro is a world-leading developer of AI-powered voice solutions for healthcare. Their cloud-based software for dictation, speech recognition, and transcription improves the efficiency and accuracy of record keeping, helping clinicians capture meaningful data whilst saving time to focus on patient care.

    T-Pro’s innovative solutions saw them growing rapidly, both in their domestic market and internationally. With a growing customer base and increased demand, the company needed a tech stack that would support its global expansion.

    Head of Marketing Jade Roseingrave was leading the effort to enable T-Pro’s widespread teams. The lack of integration between T-Pro’s marketing and sales tools made her work challenging.

    She says, “When you’re trying to scale up, you want to see performance across regions, track your customers’ activities, and optimise your communication. But without amalgamated data and workflow automations, those tasks are quite time-consuming.”

    That was the main reason why T-Pro started looking for an all-in-one CRM.

    No insight on the customer journey

    T-Pro’s old marketing and sales toolkit was composed of three elements: Highrise, which managed contacts and tasks; Pipedrive, which tracked sales activities; and various marketing agencies that implemented marketing campaigns. 

    Without integrations, data from each of the three areas remained siloed.

    As the team expanded, the intention was to bring campaign management in-house. But Jade knew that her marketers wouldn’t be able to optimise their efforts without accurate attribution data across all of their channels.

    Jade says, “Without a single place to store all our data, our team had to track everything on separate platforms. It was a lot of manual work, and we needed something to connect the dots.”

    Implementing an all-in-one CRM

    During rapid expansion, T-Pro’s sales team went from a single office to spanning 5 countries in less than two years, with their headcount growing by 200%.

    Moving to a full CRM was critical to help them bridge the geographical divide and to align sales efforts with the marketing team.

    Having used HubSpot in previous roles, Jade knew it would be a perfect fit.

    “We considered Salesforce, but it wouldn’t have met all our needs. Salesforce is great for sales, but if you want full transparency to help you manage sales and marketing activities, analyse inbound and outbound communications, track ads, and monitor the full customer lifecycle, you need HubSpot.”

    T-Pro implemented CMS Hub, Marketing Hub, and Sales Hub to form a full CRM.

    Enabling global capabilities with HubSpot

    By amalgamating marketing and sales data and enabling automated workflows, HubSpot CRM allowed T-Pro to visualise the customer journey and optimise the experience for each regional audience.

    Jade says, “HubSpot’s reports and analytics help us strengthen our localisation strategy and deliver more effective communications to our customers and prospects. It also makes us more efficient with our time by keeping all our marketing and sales data accurate and in one place.”

    Tracking leads across channels

    One of the first wins that T-Pro noticed was multi-channel visibility on their customer journey.

    The data helped the new marketing team ramp up quickly and start to optimise funnels.

    Jade says, “With HubSpot, we have a combined CRM and CMS system. So, we can track all of our sales and marketing activities, inbound and outbound.”

    The accurate attribution helped her team manage ad spending more effectively.

    “Health tech is quite a niche category. HubSpot’s data helped us see that advertising on certain traditional social channels was less effective than a well-targeted approach.”

    Expert support to leverage features

    Since implementing HubSpot, Jade has worked closely with her account manager and customer success manager to help her team get the most out of their hubs.

    Jade says, “Our resources at HubSpot are very good at giving suggestions and sharing insights. Even though I’m the one who sets up our marketing automations, I’ve found their advice and double-checks really helpful.”

    One project they encouraged her to set up was chatbots.

    “We use chatbot functionality on our website to define our contact’s intent. Their responses to our quick, automated forms show us where they are located and what they are interested in. With this, we can pass qualified information to the sales team and connect them to the best rep for their needs.”

    Another project the reps recommended was customising reports to help the marketing team support the sales team’s goals.

    “They call it Smarketing, combining marketing and sales efforts. It’s a work smarter type of thing, and HubSpot helps us do it effectively.”

    HubSpot partner for website design

    When it was time to update their website, T-Pro worked with HubSpot Partner DigitalCRO

    Jade says, “Working with a HubSpot partner, I found that the communication between ourselves, the agency, and the HubSpot team was really good.”

    Hosting their website on CMS Hub allowed Jade’s team to track SEO performance within their HubSpot analytics.

    “That eliminates the time I would spend checking on Google Analytics and Google Search Console. It saves me a lot of time as a marketer.”

    Personalised experiences by region

    Jade says that HubSpot’s automations and workflows have been key to T-Pro’s growth.

    “They help us run more efficiently and have definitely improved our communication and interactions with customers.”

    Being able to segment prospects and tailor the approach depending on where they do business has been key.

    “We can integrate our regional targeting into our ad campaigns and follow-up with leads in a more refined way. HubSpot lets us gather information on our prospects’ interests throughout their journey.”

    Faster, better business operations

    HubSpot’s reports have had a huge impact on T-Pro’s ability to grow into new global regions.

    Jade says, “It’s been great to have targeted reports for different regions. We can see how many contacts are being generated, how many are converting, and what kind of ROI we’re getting. The data makes it easy for regional teams to communicate, rather than having to generate reports ourselves. We’re more effective with our time.”

    Whether they’re looking at results from Ireland, the UK, Germany, Australia, or New Zealand, the customised reports help Jade and her colleagues compare apples to apples and discuss what’s working and what needs to improve in each location.

    “HubSpot understands what we need to succeed globally. Their data insights help us to be more strategic and operate intelligently as we grow.”

    Jade Roseingrave

    Head of Marketing, T-Pro

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