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Telavox grows New Direct Sales by 150% with HubSpot

Thanks to Telavox, businesses across Europe are saying goodbye to frustrating phone queues, and hello to hassle-free communication. And since Telavox welcomed HubSpot into their new ways of working - including better-aligned departments, value-based sales, and even more customer-centric processes - they’ve found that the CRM has grown and evolved with them.

  • 150% New Direct Sales

  • 84% Customer Renewals YOY

  • 52% Logged Customer Activity YOY


Founded in 2003, and headquartered in Malmö, Sweden. Telavox has over 350,000 members across the Nordics, Benelux and Iberia. And they’re looking to expand and spread their message further. That message? “Business telephony. The right way.”


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    Any channel. Any device. Anywhere.

    We’re all busy people. And in that busyness, it’s easy for things to get missed or overlooked. Tasks can get misplaced. Important calls can slip through the net, go to the wrong department - or, worse, a series of wrong departments. Messages get lost to the sands of time.

    So, we’re lucky to have companies like Telavox around. The Malmö-headquartered business provides telephony for organizations throughout the Nordics, Benelux and Iberia. Thanks to their Private Branch Exchange System (PBX), businesses can better plan ahead and run more smoothly. By keeping all a company’s communications in one channel, safely housed and accessible, they save people time - while keeping security nice and tight.  

    It’s this noble blueprint that’s seen them become a market leader and one of Scandinavia's most successful PBX. 


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    Doubling down and moving up with HubSpot

    Telavox’s highly focused approach, modern, agile tech and user-friendliness has led to over a doubling in size over the last three years. Telavox tends to keep existing clients - “Companies that use us tend to love us, they see a lot of value in what we offer,” explains Elisabeth Norberg, a Revenue Operations Manager at Telavox - and, in a competitive industry, has managed to attract new customers, too. 

    Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 12.38.29

    Yet when a company grows so quickly, it’s important to keep track of everything. And the multiple systems that Telavox was using prior to Elisabeth joining just wouldn’t do. Fortunately, HubSpot was implemented a week before she joined Telavox. 

    So, what wasn’t working? “We were using a variety of tools - including a smaller CRM that catered mostly to sales. We wanted everything in one place. We took a bit of a leap with HubSpot.”

    Yet it seems as if it was a leap worth taking. Positive ripples spread throughout the company - from day-to-day users, right up to the CEO. 

    “Telavox has really grown in the time I’ve been here,” says Elisabeth. “There used to be a couple of hundred people here, now there are around five hundred. One of the reasons the COO loved HubSpot was because he could see it going hand in hand with the growth of the company - it was a tool we could grow with.”

    A CRM that makes things clear

    At first, there wasn’t a clear owner of HubSpot. So, Elisabeth took up the challenge. It’s since been rolled out across the entire organization.

    “Four years after I assumed responsibility for HubSpot, it was implemented for the entire support team - the last department to adopt it,” she says.

    A well-oiled engine, with sales and marketing and every other department in sync, gives you a huge competitive advantage. Not to mention, a happy engine.

    “It makes sense to work in one system,” explains Elisabeth. “We have all the commercial processes in HubSpot and all the commercial teams working alongside each other. Without HubSpot our commercial teams would be quite lost and would take so much time away from serving the customer.”

    Putting the customer front and center

    Ah, yes: the customer. Customers are the oxygen of most businesses - and at Telavox, the customer sits right at the center of their universe. 

    “Thanks to HubSpot, because we don’t have everything dispersed across systems, we’re able to give the customer a much better experience,” highlights Elisabeth.

    Take HubSpot’s Service Hub. Rather than have data scattered throughout various sources, Service Hub houses all your customer service data under one roof. This means that Telavox is better able to know and understand their customers. And understanding their customers means that they’re not in danger of losing customers (or customers-to-be) to more data-driven competitors. Plus, it allows Telavox to proactively, rather than reactively, respond to any issues on the horizon. 

    Over to Elisabeth. 

    “One of the biggest ‘wins’ we’ve had with HubSpot has been gathering the entire customer journey in HubSpot. This creates infinitely better alignment between departments and ensures the customer has the best possible experience.”

    Customer journeys are easily picked up

    Sales cycles at Telavox can be mutable, shifting endeavors. Some sales cycles can be quick. For smaller customers, like start-ups, say, “they’ll sometimes call us and get on board before they even have an address,” says Elisabeth. 

    Yet bigger clients can lead to a much longer sales process - sometimes months or more. 

    “Sales dialogues with some enterprise customers can go on for as long as three years,” says Elisabeth. But no matter where in the sales journey the customer sits, HubSpot allows customer support to pick up wherever someone else left off. 

    “A support agent on a customer call can easily see what the customer service manager talked to them about in their last catch-up. This is something to be shouted about from the rooftops. Most companies are juggling numerous systems with customers suffering as a result.”

    But at Telavox, such suffering is unnecessary. As Elisabeth illustrates:

    “So, during these long sales cycles if a person resigns, or is sick, or on holiday, someone can step in and see the entire history: every conversation they’ve had with sales, every conversation with customer success, questions they’ve asked … the whole journey. Having everything in one system is so handy for us, as we can see the whole picture.”

    An added bonus for sales? HubSpot helps cut down on time. According to HubSpot research, salespeople spend nearly a fifth of their time on data entry and just one third of their time actually selling. By freeing up data entry time, it allows salespeople to do what salespeople do best: sell. 

    All of which means that Telavox has been able to record a raft of impressive metrics, including a 150% increase in New Direct Sales over the first three years of using Hubspot. And they seem determined to keep producing such figures.

    Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 12.12.57

    Marginal gains = massive rewards

    There’s a lot to be said for marginal gains. Those radically incremental improvements to a way of doing something that add up to a much greater, more impactful, whole. 

    Elisabeth agrees. “Being in the same system, looking at the same leads - this reduces a lot of friction. It’s all about making small, simple tweaks to create incremental growth effects. Through the team, we’re both creating business results and with that, a much better understanding of how the different departments work.”

    From growing across the Nordics, and down into Benelux and Iberia, they’re looking to expand further, with various M&As in the pipeline. Not only will they be relying on HubSpot to keep everything tracked and on track, but they’re looking forward to exploring some new features, too. 

    “We’re using AI a lot to reduce manual tasks and infuse our organization with insights, so I’m particularly excited about the new AI forecasting tool. I was on the Customer Advisory Board last year and it was an incredible opportunity to both gain a better understanding of how HubSpot can support our business and speak directly with many product owners about how we want to work with HubSpot moving forward.”

    That’s the future. For now, HubSpot remains Elisabeth’s kindred spirit. 

    “HubSpot is a big part of my day. I’m on HubSpot before I even check my emails in the morning. You can’t get me out of HubSpot because I love it so much.”

    Without HubSpot our commercial teams would be quite lost, and it would take so much time away from serving the customer. You can gather the entire customer journey in HubSpot, creating infinitely better alignment between departments - ensuring the customer has the best possible experience.
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