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Agency Converts 100% of Revenue into Retainers Using HubSpot

The team has doubled in size over the course of a year, converted 100% of business to retainers, and expanded their services to global markets.

  • 100% of revenue converted

  • 1000% increase in website traffic

The Kingdom

The Kingdom consists of marketing-technology experts that provide an outsourced marketing service to your business using the remarkable HubSpot automated sales and marketing software.


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    Making the Switch to an Inbound Agency

    Managing Director Adam Steinhardt was looking to differentiate his traditional advertising agency when he first discovered the inbound methodology via HubSpot’s marketing content. Frustrated with the lack of results from cold calling and having trouble proving the value of his agency’s services, Adam decided to go inbound using HubSpot’s all-in-one platform. “We were playing in a sea of advertising agencies which were all doing the same thing, so it was very difficult for us to get new customers.”

    Adam leveraged his website to ramp up lead generation for the agency whilst simultaneously transforming the business, centering its services around inbound marketing.

    Growing Client Base with Website Optimization

    It took time and dedication to optimise The Kingdom’s website for SEO in a crowded industry, but the results soon began to speak for themselves. Using the HubSpot Keywords tool to guide their content strategy, The Kingdom quadrupled website visits in their first 6 months with HubSpot. Today, the team has completely eliminated outbound tactics like cold calling and are able to rely on the website to generate qualified leads. They enjoy a 20% lead-to-client conversion rate.

    In addition to increased website traffic, Adam explains that he immediately noticed that HubSpot gave him visibility into how prospects in the pipeline were progressing down the funnel. “Transparency is the golden nugget. Everyone wants to be able to get ROI from their website, but not everyone knows what’s actually happening behind the scenes.” The transparency HubSpot afforded them allowed them to target their marketing efforts more effectively and identify the best-fit leads to follow up with and close.

    Delivering Results to Clients

    After using inbound to propel their own success, The Kingdom were able to spend more time delivering services to their clients and less on customer acquisition. According to Adam, it was the all-in-one nature of HubSpot’s platform that allowed them to make the transition.

    The Kingdom now operates as a completely outsourced marketing department for their clients. Their services span from inbound campaign strategy to content creation to website development using the HubSpot Website feature. The integrated platform allows them to prove results much more easily; Adam explains, “Clients are comfortable entrusting us with all of their marketing efforts because with HubSpot, they can see the associated analytics and ROI.”

    The Kingdom has helped their clients achieve great results. In August 2015, Adam and his team welcomed Brauer Natural Medicine to The Kingdom and introduced them to inbound marketing. Brauer, an eCommerce natural medicine company, had spread themselves across too many systems to be able to measure their marketing ROI. After moving to the HubSpot platform and working with The Kingdom, Brauer increased their database size by 325% and were able to measure the direct impact of their online marketing activities on their bottom line.

    When Brauer saw incredible results like these, they doubled their retainer with The Kingdom. “Since moving to HubSpot, all of our clients are on retainers,” Adam explains. “Moving away from micromanaging hourly rates means can we drive more value to the client with projects that are actually aligned to their goals.”

    Making a Global Impact

    As an early adopter of inbound marketing in Australia, The Kingdom discovered that the concept was relatively new in the market. Adam saw it as a growth opportunity for his clients -- proven by the amazing ROI they saw themselves.

    The Kingdom has leveraged HubSpot’s presence in other countries to generate international clients. “HubSpot has allowed us to become a global business. We now have customers in Australia, Asia, New Zealand, the UK, and the US. Because of HubSpot’s global presence we’re able to be known in those places.”

    More than Just Software

    Every HubSpot Agency Partner has a dedicated agency manager who helps them develop their own inbound marketing strategy and coaches them on best practices for reselling. Adam checks in with his HubSpot consultant, Emma, regularly for support and ideas.

    “The support at HubSpot has been outstanding. The HubSpot team acts as this big backup resource which makes a huge difference to the business.” Since Adam was previously using multiple systems for his marketing activities, he hadn’t been receiving robust support. “Because HubSpot is an all-in-one system, you are being supported across your channels.”

    After becoming a HubSpot Agency Partner in 2015, The Kingdom were awarded HubSpot International Partner of the Year 2015 and now hold Platinum Tier Status.


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      We used to battle with so many different programs. It’s so much easier to be able to work in one big platform and have control over everything from one place.

      Adam Steinhardt

      Managing Director

      The Kingdom

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      When we describe to a client what they can do with inbound marketing, it really resonates with them because what they’ve been doing for a long time just hasn’t worked.

      Adam Steinhardt

      Managing Director

    • Using the entire platform has enabled us to solve operational problems that have led to greater efficiencies across the board for every single team.

      Rob Weisz

      Head of Business Development & Marketing

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