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The Royal Mint increases NPS by 10 points with HubSpot

The Royal Mint was previously using an ERP to track leads and customer interactions. The business switched to HubSpot CRM to gain a unified view of all customer interactions. Its NPS has increased and sales cycles are able to happen more efficiently.

  • +10 NPS increase from 61 to 71

  • 50% faster time to convert

The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint is the world's leading export mint, making original coins and collections to celebrate special moments, with a history going back over 1,100 years.


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    The Royal Mint has been making coins for over a thousand years. Today, they are the world’s leading export mint, making original coins and collections to celebrate special moments. As The Royal Mint diversifies in new markets and new businesses, in the UK and overseas, it needs strong communication pathways between its sales, marketing, and customer service teams to create a customer-first purchasing experience. HubSpot allowed the business to unify its communications onto a single platform, improve its NPS, and become more efficient.

    Offering the best customer experience possible 

    As the Head of Customer Service and Consumer Sales at The Royal Mint, Karina Voisey is all about creating the best customer experience possible. “In my role, success looks like many happy customers,” she says. 

    The Royal Mint was using an ERP to manage CRM, with multiple tools layered on top of it, including a marketing tool and several spreadsheets to deliver campaigns to the sales teams, who then had to manually pull data into the ERP.  

    “We needed a single, clear view of the customer across the ecosystem, which is important for a consumer business such as ours,” Karina says. “The capability to  track deals and monitor pipelines ensures the operation is entirely customer-focused, rather than just being transactional.”

    Ensuring consistent customer communication

    The system as it stood made it harder for the business to ensure consistency across channels. 

    “Previously, we were unable to see every interaction with a customer in one place, which made it difficult for our customer services team to have a full understanding  of a customer’s experience with us, ” Karina explains. “Customers are at the heart of everything we do at The Royal Mint. We needed a solution that guaranteed we were responding to leads in an efficient way and offering the best service for our customers.”

    Cross-team visibility 

    The business needed a central source of truth, so that the marketing, sales, and customer service could easily communicate. Up until that point, “Interactions between the support and sales teams were heavily dependent on somebody manually inputting a note in the system to say they’d had a conversation with that customer,” Karina says. 

    An intuitive and dynamic CRM 

    By implementing HubSpot, The Royal Mint has been able to consolidate sales, marketing, and customer service onto a single unified platform. 

    “HubSpot gives us everything that we need from a CRM tool,” Karina says. “Overwhelmingly, the feedback we have received  from the teams using HubSpot has been that it’s intuitive and has improved their day-to-day workload and efficiency.”

    The Royal Mint worked with its partner agency Attacat to set up and implement HubSpot. Together, The Royal Mint, HubSpot and Attacat worked to optimize processes and improve collaboration between the sales, marketing, and customer service teams.

    Unified communications 

    With HubSpot, stakeholders across all of the relevant teams can see prior customer communication, what marketing collateral they’ve received, and anything else they need to know. 

    “With this overview, we can support our customers in a more cohesive and consistent way, ensuring they have the best experience,” Karina says. 

    Improvements across teams

    In addition to improving cross-team collaboration and visibility, HubSpot has also made things more efficient for each individual unit. 

    HubSpot allows the customer service team to have real-time interactions with customers in the customer’s channel of choice. They can route queries to the most qualified agent and instantly access recent interaction information. 

    For sales, HubSpot’s automation saves time and increases cross-selling opportunities. The visibility they now have into marketing activities and communications also creates opportunities for richer conversations with customers. “With our customer-focused business model, this is a really important win for us,” Karina says. 

    International growth

    The Royal Mint has big plans for international growth. HubSpot allows it to track customer behavior across different regions much more effectively than it could in the past, paving the way for its future expansion plans. 

    “It’s giving us far more meaningful information that we can use to strategize around our marketing activity and frequency,” Karina says. “It’s also helping us service international customers better.”

    More efficient

    The CRM has made the company more efficient, says Karina. “And we’re still improving,” she adds. “As the CRM becomes embedded across all teams, we’ll become even more efficient. We’re always striving to improve the customer experience.” 

    The Royal Mint’s NPS has increased by +10 points, to 71. “When we see a surge in customer contact, we can go to the dashboard and see the reason for that contact,” Karina says. “It makes us far more proactive as an organization when it comes to supporting customers.”

    HubSpot’s knowledge articles and playbooks also helped their CS agents: first-contact resolution has increased from the low sixties to 86% average, ensuring the customer experience is smooth.

    50% faster time to convert

    Time to sale has been reduced by 50% on the teams that have implemented HubSpot. “We’ve rolled out HubSpot progressively to various sales teams. For the earlier adopter teams, time to convert has been reduced by at least 50%,” Karina says. “This means our customers are able to purchase products more quickly.”

    Perhaps most importantly, HubSpot has improved employee engagement across teams. “HubSpot supports our employees and allows them to do their jobs more efficiently. In turn, this allows us to deliver a better customer experience,” Karina says. 

    HubSpot provides us with a platform that best benefits our staff and our customers. Overwhelmingly, the feedback from our teams using HubSpot is that it’s intuitive and has improved their day-to-day workload and efficiency.

    Karina Voisey

    Head of Customer Service and Consumer Sales

    The Royal Mint

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