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Virtual Dental Care gained more control over their sales process and increased productivity

Virtual Dental Care chose HubSpot to streamline their sales, marketing, and customer support into a single platform. Virtual Dental Care gained more control over their sales process, increased their cross-department productivity by 20%, and saw an estimated annual cost savings of 30%.

  • 20% increase in cross-department productivity

  • 30% estimated annual cost savings

Virtual Dental Care

Virtual Dental Care is a comprehensive mobile and teledentistry software utilized by multiple segments in the dental industry including insurance companies, traditional dental practices, mobile dental facilities, schools, and public health entities.


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    Virtual Dental Care needed to find the right platform to streamline seven functions into single CRM

    When Daniel Gates joined Virtual Dental Care as their Director of Marketing in 2020, the small team was growing quickly. As they grew, they needed to reevaluate their processes for marketing, sales, and customer support, and put more streamlined systems into place.

    Until then Virtual Dental Care had relied on emails, spreadsheets, and several separate tools to track customer interactions.

    To fulfill all of their needs with their current set up, Daniel estimated they would need to add several more, bringing their total number of tools up to seven: Bluehost for website hosting, WordPress paid plugins, Zendesk, Calendly to book meetings, Hootsuite for social media, Infusionsoft for sales automation, and HubSpot for marketing.

    With several different tools in play, when problems arose, it was already tricky to find out where the issue was coming from. Adding, even more, would compound the problem.

    “I didn’t trust the data,” Daniel says. “Dealing with tools that can’t communicate well with each other and dealing with that many integrations can be a headache, and I wanted to avoid that.”

    Plus, he was already seeing issues with the existing setup: The landing pages Virtual Dental Care created didn’t match their WordPress-hosted website, which affected both the landing pages’ appearance and reporting.

    “There was a disconnect between the landing pages and the website, and you could tell,” Daniel explains. “It wasn’t cohesive.”

    Virtual Dental Care was ready to migrate all of these different functionalities into a single platform that would meet all their needs in one place. They needed to streamline their systems to create a better experience for both their team and their customers

    Virtual Dental Care Chooses HubSpot for Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, and Customer Relationship Management

    Daniel was already very familiar with HubSpot’s marketing tools, and he knew the CRM offered the functionality they needed within their budgetary needs.

    Virtual Dental Care decided to get rid of all of their different tools and consolidate everything in HubSpot: they even got rid of their newly acquired Zendesk subscription.

    “We wanted our sales team and our support team to collaborate in the same record,” Daniel says. “That way, when we look back at the audit trail to see details about the relationship with that client, it’s all available right there.”

    Here are some of the features that made Virtual Dental Care decide to consolidate all of these tools and choose HubSpot:

    Ticket pipelines and records

    One of the most important considerations for Virtual Dental Care was having their entire organization on the same page, especially sales and customer support.

    Once a sale is completed, the sales team hands that client off to the customer support team to manage their onboarding.

    Virtual Dental Care uses a customized ticket pipeline to make that transition smoother and track customer interactions over time. And with HubSpot’s contact records, they have all of the information for each of their clients in a single place, which helps both teams have clearer communication with their clients to create a smoother transition.

    “During onboarding clients usually reach out to their salesperson, because they have such a good relationship. It can be hard for them to switch to a new main point of contact,” Daniel explains. “Now that we have everything on the same record in that pipeline, the salesperson never skips a beat. They’re always on the same page, and they can tag the support person in and let them know. Instead of going out to Slack or instead of going out to Teams, they can communicate right there within that consolidated record. And we have an audit trail of the communication.”

    HubSpot Sequences

    For Virtual Dental Care's sales team, having HubSpot’s sales automation tools, marketing, and CRM means that creating email Sequences to nurture contacts only requires one tool, instead of three.

    Before, the lead would come through HubSpot Marketing Hub and map to Salesforce, where a rep would manually pull up the information to enroll the lead to start receiving Virtual Dental Care's nurturing emails.

    With HubSpot, the lead comes in, and the sales rep can enroll them into the sequence directly.

    “It’s that simple,” Daniel says. “It’s a huge advantage of a consolidated tool. In that old system, we went through three tools. Now, we just need one.”

    Measuring client health

    Consolidating seven tools into one has also made it much easier for Virtual Dental Care to measure client health and client satisfaction. They track qualitative metrics such as customer satisfaction and track customer engagement by monitoring how often customers are logging into the software and tracking their own ticket volume.

    Now, with a single customer record, Virtual Dental Care can flag an issue immediately and check in to resolve their customers' concerns, provide excellent service and review customer satisfaction.

    “Having these records in one place allows us to monitor client health in real-time and notice quickly if there’s a problem,” Daniel says. “We can fix it before the client becomes unhappy and decides they want to make a switch.”

    30% cost savings and 20% increased productivity

    Now that Virtual Dental Care has consolidated all of their marketing, sales, and customer service functions in HubSpot, they have better visibility into their campaigns and more information about their customers.

    Daniel estimates that by moving to HubSpot, Virtual Dental Care's has saved approximately 30% a year compared to what they were previously spending.

    In addition, by using HubSpot, Virtual Dental Care has increased its productivity by about 20%. It’s been especially helpful for improving their cross-department collaboration.

    “The improvement in account and data visibility has been the best upgrade for us,” Daniel says. “Now, with one platform, I can look at all of the different metrics, from how my website is doing to the time it takes to respond to tickets to sales call outcomes. All of that is very clear in a single dashboard.”

    “It’s so nice to have it all in one,” Daniel says. “I don’t know if there’s another tool that brings everything together the way HubSpot does. I can’t really compare it to anything else, because I’m not sure any other tool can do that.”

    Most importantly, thanks to HubSpot, Virtual Dental Care has much better visibility into who its leads and clients are, from initial marketing efforts all the way to customer service.

    “We know who we’re reaching, that’s the biggest thing,” Daniel says. “Through HubSpot, we can really understand who these people are.”

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