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WSC Group increases referrals by 40% with HubSpot

Sarah Cox is the National Administration Director of WSC Group, an Australian accounting company and Xero partner with a special focus on property investment tax, strategic business advice and self-managed super funds. After joining HubSpot, WSC Group now have a centralised system to house their customer data for all departments.

  • 40% Increase in Monthly Referrals

  • 25% time saved through automation

WSC Group

WSC Group is an Australian accounting company and Xero partner with a special focus on property investment tax, strategic business advice and self-managed super funds. WSC Group was founded by David Shaw in 2004 and named as one of the top accounting firms in 2018 by the Australian Financial Review.


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    No central source of truth and fragmented deal stages

    Before HubSpot, WSC Group had no central source of truth for their new client data. Customer requests came in via the company’s website and information was manually recorded and updated on spreadsheets. With multiple departments and functions to cater for, this meant that much time and effort was spent updating this data, and trying to understand what department was best positioned to serve each customer. As a result, communication with customers was not as swift as it could have been and made for a less impactful experience.

    Along with this, they had limited insight into what stage of the process each customer was at, which made it more difficult to determine when follow-ups should be sent and by what department. They also had no way to track repeat customer behaviours, meaning they couldn’t match customers with someone they had an existing relationship with. This impacted the customers experience in that they would be routed to someone new each time and miss out on opportunities to build on the relationship and familiarity from previous interactions.

    “Before HubSpot, we operated mostly out of spreadsheets. This was quite time-consuming and inefficient, given there were a number of different departments that all had access to look at and edit this data. It also made it difficult to match people up with someone they previously had a good experience with on our team and provide timely follow-up and compliance.”

    An end-to-end view of the customer journey

    As Sarah moved into a regional role, she realised that the company needed to evolve from spreadsheets and into something more automated, efficient and ultimately, effective. It was at this point she started looking for a solution and through her research came across HubSpot.

    “I looked at a number of different solutions, but the HubSpot CRM and Sales tools seemed to match exactly what we were after in terms of data centralisation and automation.”

    Since implementing HubSpot, WSC Group have dramatically improved their sales process. Each request that comes in via their website is logged automatically in the HubSpot CRM, with all previous customer actions recorded. This gives the team a holistic view of the customer journey and allows them to route customers more effectively, enhancing relationships in the process.

    “Each department can see everything that happens directly in HubSpot now without having to update any spreadsheets. We can also see if a customer has dealt with someone on our team previously, and make sure that they get routed to that person again for consistency. This helps build relationships and make for a better overall customer experience.”

    Along with this, the company have a holistic view of the customer journey and by using HubSpot Deal Stages, have an instant understanding of the right department the customer should be moved to at the right time. This has made their follow-up with customers more efficient and allowed the company to seamlessly meet compliance rules.

    “Previously, it was difficult to figure out what stage the customer was at and when to move them on. We can now check this at any time in Deal Stages -- this is really important for us in terms of making sure we’re following up properly and meeting compliance regulations for the Tax Agents.”

    Supercharged referrals, processes and customer experience

    The results that WSC have seen since joining HubSpot have been outstanding. The company has seen a significant improvement in their customer experience as customers get routed to the most relevant team members and receive follow-up communications in a timelier fashion. This has helped drive a massive 40% increase in customer referrals year-to-date, along with 25% of time saved across the board through the automation of manual processes.

    “With HubSpot, we’ve seen monthly referrals increase by 40%. We’ve also saved about 25% of time spent on manual efforts through automating processes, and are able to provide a better experience to our customers.”

    Over the long term, WSC Group want to continue expanding their products and services, while empowering their team to grow and develop, with HubSpot as a central part of this.

    “We want to continue to grow as an organisation and give our staff an opportunity to grow their careers, but also to improve and add to the services we provide our customers. Both of these go hand-in-hand and HubSpot will allow us that ability to scale even more.”

    Asked if she would recommend HubSpot, Sarah said:

    “Absolutely. For any company looking to grow their customer base or services, I would definitely recommend checking out it out.”

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