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Salesforce Service Cloud vs HubSpot

Service Hub is easy and powerful customer service software that connects without complexity, powers productivity with easy-to-adopt tools, and supports growing service teams.

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HubSpot is a cloud-based customer platform that helps scaling businesses grow better with sales, service, marketing, and content management software.

Service Hub is a seamless component of HubSpot's AI-powered Smart CRM, providing businesses with a streamlined way to resolve customer issues, and a complete view of their customer interactions and data from every aspect of the flywheel. 

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform with applications for sales, service, marketing, and more that help bring customers and companies together.

Salesforce Service Cloud enables users by automating service procedures, optimizing workflows, and providing access to articles, topics, and experts that aid customer service representatives.

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Key Capabilities of Service Hub

  • Connected: Service Hub is a component of HubSpot Smart CRM, which means you’ll have a complete view of customer interactions in one place. Pinpoint opportunities for bolstering customer connections with context for marketing, sales, and service.

  • Productive: Drive team efficiency by automating processes, eliminating manual tasks, streamlining ticketing, providing self-service for customers, and creating avenues for personalizing communications.

  • Engaged: Provide the customer service tools to help you deliver authentic service and grow better by putting the customer first.

What Sets HubSpot Apart


What Salesforce Service Cloud Offers:

  • Service Cloud analytics help agents make more informed decisions throughout conversations by providing them with key performance indicators about their service data.
  • Through knowledge bases, agents can connect their customers to the information they need; articles may include information on process, frequently asked questions, or how-to’s. In order to get access to a read/write knowledge base, add-ons are required.

What Sets HubSpot Apart:

  • Service Hub enables businesses to provide personalized customer service, marketing, and sales experiences, resulting in increased customer engagement and insights that power your whole front office.
  • There are tools to help increase collaboration between Service, Sales and Marketing such as Playbooks, Email Templates, Sequences and Meetings. No connectors or data sync required!
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Service Hub customers with every size of company see their ticket close rate increase by 24% or more after 12 months. (Hubspot Annual ROI Report)


What Salesforce Service Cloud Offers:

  • With omni-channel routing, agents are able to provide more methodical support by routing cases to the right agent. Cases can be routed to agents based on their skillset and availability.
  • Service Cloud Einstein offers Einstein Article Recommendations which help agents find knowledge articles at a faster rate to answer customer’s inquiries. Service Cloud Einstein requires add-ons.

What Sets HubSpot Apart:

  • Service Hub helps you stay organized and streamline your service processes through a single source of customer information in the HubSport Smart CRM. Set custom statuses to ensure your ticket pipeline works for you.
  • Store, track, manage, and report on tickets customers make throughout the service process, with custom reporting to ensure you’ve got the data to continue growing. Service Analytics offers a comprehensive reporting tool to track customer satisfaction, team performance, and support volume.
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Service Hub customers see an average increase of 324% in tickets closed after 12 months. (Hubspot Annual ROI Report)


What Salesforce Service Cloud Offers:

  • Service Cloud allows you to connect with customers and keep them updated using a number of different channels including email, messaging, social, and web.
  • Service Cloud’s Self Service portal provides customers with an online support channel to resolve their issues without the need to contact a service agent. Self Service portals require add-ons.

What Sets HubSpot Apart:

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Customers who own Service Hub for 7-12 months see a higher ticket close rate than customers who own Service Hub for less time. (Hubspot Annual ROI Report)

Feature Comparison

Total Cost of Ownership


HubSpot Service Hub provides customer service and support, enables efficient handling, and addresses the resolution of customer inquiries.

  • Implementation: The average time to activation for Service Hub Enterprise is around 3 months and 68% of Service Hub Enterprise customers display high feature usage (source).
  • Service & Support: HubSpot provides different support channels depending upon your subscription, all included.
  • Tickets Closed: Service Hub customers see an average increase of 324% in tickets closed after 12 months. (HubSpot Annual ROI Report)

Salesforce Service Cloud

The Salesforce pricing may look pretty straightforward, but it’s layered and more complex with add-ons and supplemental costs than at first glance.

Base License
Service Hub Enterprise
Service Cloud Enterprise
*No Seat Minimum
Service & Support
Phone, Chat, and Email support included
30% of net licensing fees
Training & Educational Resources
HubSpot Academy, Community
Trailblazer Academy, Community
Not required
Customization / Configuration
Easy to customize & configure in-house
Often requires partner or developer support
Developer Support
App Marketplace
Salesforce AppExchange
Time to Value
51 days to activation
~ 6 months to 1 year
Maintenance / Admin
Enjoy a seamless platform built on one code base
Admin not required
20 work hours to configure, regular updates required from a developer or partner

20-30 person admin team
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Service Software That Grows With You

Start with free tools and upgrade as you grow, or hit the ground running with one of our premium editions.

What are customers saying?

HubSpot Service Hub received G2's top 100 Best Software Products & Highest Satisfaction Products 2023.

With Salesforce, you had to basically teach yourself and just wing it. But HubSpot assigned us an implementation manager and set up a schedule. We knew exactly what we needed to do at each stage. Now that sales, marketing, and customer data all live inside HubSpot, Stephanie no longer spends hours pulling data from multiple tools, and the data is more complete and accurate.

Stephanie Hunter

COO and Co-Founder



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