Piwik PRO Excels with Closed Loop Reporting

Piwik PRO offers an enterprise-level marketing and analytics suite to organisations that have to meet the strictest data privacy regulations on the internet. By 2017, it had realised that it could be doing more with its own marketing. It was already using the inbound methodology, but it wanted to start producing better reports that proved the effectiveness of its campaigns. It also wanted to close the reporting loop between marketing and sales and get a clearer view of the entire customer journey. Piwik PRO switched to the HubSpot software to tremendous success. It has since grown its website traffic by 137% and its leads by 1,600%, while annual recurring revenue (ARR) increased by 40%.


Increase in ARR


Increase in leads


Increase in website traffic

Piwik PRO Team


Founded in 2013 in Poland, Piwik PRO offers a multifaceted marketing and analytics suite to its enterprise-level customers. By using the platform, they gain powerful insights through data segmentation, data activation, content personalisation, user-centric reporting and painless tag implementation. Committed to data protection, Piwik PRO meets the strictest privacy and security regulations, while ensuring its clients retain full data ownership. It is used all over the world by governments, public bodies, financial institutions, banks and telecoms providers.

A Company in Search of Better Reporting and Attribution

Piwik PRO offers a marketing and analytics suite that is used by privacy-focussed enterprises, public sector bodies and governments worldwide. It grew rapidly after its foundation in 2013, but by 2017, it was ready to get its own marketing working harder. It was already using Marketo platform, but it was eager to take things to the next level.

Sławomir Kamiński, performance marketing specialist explains, “We wanted better and reliable cross-channel attribution for our lead generation efforts. Being able to properly attribute campaigns and channels at each stage of the sales process is crucial to our business."

The company began its search for a holistic solution that would allow it to do it all. It evaluated several options before deciding that the HubSpot Marketing Platform and HubSpot Sales Pro was the ideal combination.

“HubSpot Marketing had all the features we had been looking for, and it was so easy to use. We could create lead nurturing campaigns in a fast, effective way and then dig down into a whole range of metrics to measure their success," says Szymon Grzesiak, performance marketing specialist.

“Having everyone working from the same playbook made a lot of sense to us. We wanted a complete view of the customer journey, from first visit to closed deal, and HubSpot was the best way to get that. Usability was also a factor – our salespeople would be able to jump right in and use it from day one.”

"Our main goals were to get better reporting and to foster sales and marketing alignment, and HubSpot offered us the best way forward."

Sławomir Kamiński

Performance Marketing Specialist

Piwik PRO

Easy Migration and Ongoing Support

Piwik PRO initially expected it would take three months to transfer all of its data from Marketo, but with the help of the HubSpot onboarding team, it took just three weeks.

“We were pleasantly surprised by how seamlessly we got everything set up, including all our email campaigns, dashboards and lists. The whole process was faultless, and it got us off to a great start,” explains Sławomir.

Today, the company’s website is filled with content that is both useful and engaging. It has a regularly updated blog and a dedicated resources centre complete with downloadable webinars, ebooks, case studies, videos and infographics. Visitors are encouraged to interact through Calls-to-Action and Forms and then entered into Workflows and moved through the funnel.

“For the first time, we’re able to gauge how well our activities are performing in an easy way. When we were using other tools, that took a lot of work and didn’t always yield great results. With Marketing Analytics and reports, we can see how our leads move through all the customer lifecycle stages and measure the ROI of our work.”

Piwik PRO’s salespeople have also boosted their productivity. With HubSpot Sales Pro, they get a clear view of their prospects’ interactions with the company, which leads to more informed conversations and closed deals.

“Its automation capabilities, such as email sequences, have proved to be a real timesaver. They love how straightforward it is to use and how quickly they can onboard new staff. The sales managers can also create customisable dashboards and reports that monitor the progress of the entire department as well as individual team members.”

The company continues to use of all the support that HubSpot provides. The Academy is a regular port of call, and all new members of the marketing team must complete three certifications after they are hired.

“The people on the HubSpot support team have been incredibly helpful. They give us advice not only on technical queries but also on strategy and how to create growth.”

"Thanks to the HubSpot software, we can find out which of our activities are working best and adjust our strategy accordingly."

- Sławomir Kamiński

Impressive Growth Across Key Metrics

Since 2017, Piwik PRO has maximised its marketing efforts, by creating new content, producing targeted campaigns and taking on new staff. It’s a strategy that is proving its worth. Website visitors have been boosted by 137%, while leads are up by 1,600%.

“Those are significant increases, and our partnership with HubSpot has helped us to achieve them,” says Sławomir.

The company has also seen improvements to its bottom line – annual recurring revenue has risen by 40% in the past year.

“Our sales and marketing teams are working in closer alignment, and we want to extend that co-operation to other departments in the company. We’re really interested in the HubSpot Service Hub, which we want to use to get our customer success and product teams involved.”

Looking ahead, Piwik PRO plans to use even more of the HubSpot software’s advanced features, especially A/B testing.

“Right now we are divided into three marketing teams, dedicated to attraction, conversion and closing respectively. Each team is working on a growth model, testing a lot of ideas and different versions of emails and lead nurturing campaigns. It’s something that we believe will allow us to optimise our performance going forward.”

"The HubSpot software has helped us to optimise our marketing and sales performance, and we’re looking forward to seeing what comes next."

- Sławomir Kamiński

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