SNP Increases Leads by 69X With HubSpot

SNP helps organisations transform business models and roll out new technologies. Its software and services make it easier to execute technical or commercial changes in business applications. It has grown exponentially since its foundation in 1994 and by 2015, it needed a better way to connect with its leads. The company tried point solutions and even a marketing automation platform, but they didn’t allow it to nurture its prospects through the pipeline. That all changed when SNP discovered the HubSpot software. Since signing up, it has increased its leads by 69X and its revenue by over 2X.


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SNP helps organisations transform business models and roll out new technologies. Its software and services make it easier to execute technical or commercial changes in business applications. Together, SNP’s CrystalBridge® and SNP Transformation Backbone® with SAP® LT constitute the world’s leading data transformation suite for automatically analyzing, applying and tracking changes in IT systems. They significantly improve quality while making transformation projects much faster and more cost-effective. The SNP Group employs over 1,350 people worldwide. It is headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany generated EUR 81 million in revenue in 2016. It serves medium-sized as well as multinational companies in all industries.

Using Inbound to Start a Better Conversation

Headquartered in Germany, SNP has been delivering value through technology to industry-leading companies for almost three decades. With 30 locations worldwide and with major multinational clients, it knew that its online marketing needed to change to keep pace with its own success. However, the limited point solutions it was using were holding it back.

“We had MailChimp for email blasts and we used Google Analytics, but they obviously weren’t enough to create effective end-to-end campaigns. I had to do most of our lead follow-ups manually, which was inefficient and time consuming. I wanted to automate the conversations we were having with our prospects, from first touch until they were ready to be handed over to our sales department,” explains Dennis Krieger, chief digital marketing officer with SNP.

SNP began researching marketing automation platforms, and after some discussion signed up with Eloqua. However, Dennis and the team quickly found Eloqua difficult to use, overly complicated and inefficient. He was soon on the lookout for an alternative that would help SNP deliver results quickly.

When Dennis was introduced to the HubSpot software at a conference, he was hooked.

“HubSpot was exactly what we needed. It was simple to use, and would allow us to communicate with our different buyer personas in a really personalised way. I also liked the fact that HubSpot was leading the charge for the inbound methodology. From the start, it was clear that we would be given all the support we would need to succeed.”

The decision was made, and SNP made the switch to the HubSpot software in 2015.

"The HubSpot software offered us the best way to start – and continue – the conversation with our customers."

Dennis Krieger

Chief Digital Marketing Officer


Campaigns That Keep Leads on the Hook

SNP uses the HubSpot software to create truly integrated marketing campaigns that address the needs of its different buyer personas.

“We’ve centralised all our social media posts through the Social Inbox, and we’ve set up Landing Pages for our content which includes videos, best-practice guides and whitepapers. Once leads start engaging with us, we enter them into Workflows and nurture them with emails that are pertinent to their interests and stage in the pipeline. The fact that we can manage all of our actions from the one platform has been a real timesaver, and with Marketing Analytics, we can measure the effectiveness of our every move.”

Dennis says that the support on offer from HubSpot has helped SNP to truly embrace the inbound methodology, and it continues to refine its strategy by dipping into the resources available from the HubSpot Academy.

“If we ever want to try something new, it’s our first port of call. It has comprehensive guides across a range of topics, and we usually find what we need there right away. Our HubSpot customer success manager is also a great asset. She finds answers to even our most complicated questions, and she’s there for us whenever we need her.”

"The HubSpot software is our lead generation engine, and it has become an integral part of our business."

- Dennis Krieger

Tremendous Increases Across Key Metrics

Since signing up with HubSpot, SNP’s results have skyrocketed. Organic website traffic is up by 10X, while leads have increased by an amazing 69X.

“We are taking full advantage of the potential that those leads offer, by nurturing them with campaigns that are highly tailored and continually assessed. We can tell that we are on the right track – for instance, emails to our German-speaking market have an open rate of 30% and a click-through rate of 5%,” says Dennis.

The effects of the company’s inbound efforts can also be seen on its balance sheet; its revenue has grown by more than 2X.

“That’s down to the quality of the leads we’re giving to our salespeople. Their meetings are more successful because they are speaking to prospects who already have a relationship with us.”

SNP’s long-term goal is to set the industry standard for software based business transformation, and Dennis is convinced that the HubSpot software will help it to do just that.

“It allows us to serve our customers in the best way. We have automated our marketing pipeline, and we’re giving our leads the content they need, when they need it. Our brand is garnering more attention and at the end of the day, we’re getting more orders. The HubSpot software is the heartbeat of all that.”

"We’ve been amazed by how we’ve been able to transform our marketing with the HubSpot software; for us, the inbound methodology is the only way forward."

- Dennis Krieger

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