Entry-Level HubSpotter

Entry-Level HubSpotter

A Career-Launching Opportunity in Technical Support

Our Entry Level HubSpotters (also known as Support Engineers) are curious, driven, and empathetic, going out of their way to help HubSpot customers and not resting until a problem is solved. They are never satisfied with “good enough” - they are always looking to improve or learn more. They are independent, but will go out of their way to help a teammate. After all, Support is a team sport.

And they are ALL over HubSpot. Seriously. Support alumni can be found in all divisions of the company, from Services to Marketing, Business Operations to Product.

Come be a part of the buzz at our global headquarters in Cambridge, MA, or bring your entrepreneurial spirit towards building our new office in Portsmouth, NH.

Jean Baptiste
"The Support Engineer role has enabled me to understand the product and Inbound Marketing from so many different perspectives to reach company goals. This is a great opportunity for someone who loves and is always willing to learn something new."

Apply to Technical Support

Successful candidates have come from business and communication majors - but also history, philosophy, comparative literature, and zoology. Basically, we care less about your degree, and much more about your story. Tell us why you want to work with customers, dive into technology, and espouse inbound marketing. Have an amazing cat blog or a knack for building robots? We want to hear about that, too.

Casey Flight
"HubSpot Support has been a great place to start my career. The position gives you the opportunity to build an impressive product foundation that will be utilized as you further your skillset. You will also get to become friends with some of the most fascinating and intelligent people."

Learn the Product

  • Get to know the HubSpot software inside and out
  • Learn how to build and troubleshoot your own websites
  • Build coding and developer skills through HTML and CSS

Solve for the Customer

  • Work with customers over phone and email to answer questions
  • Own cases from beginning to end -- be the customer’s advocate

Choose Your Own Adventure

  • Discover your strongest skills during your time in Support
  • Work with your mentors to build a long-term career at HubSpot

Kelly Rowan
"I love the ability to apply my knowledge from UMaine to the experience that I'm gaining here in Support at HubSpot. Working in the new Portsmouth office has been a rewarding adventure as I have seen it evolve and develop as our team grows larger. Working here is not just another job, it’s a passion that's clear among all HubSpotters. "