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Creating an Experience People Love

HubSpot is a big, powerful platform. Your mission as a product designer or UX researcher is to make it intuitive for thousands of customers who use our software every day. That means you work in a small, autonomous team with developers to balance usability with beautiful design.

What's Your Day Look Like?

On the product design team, you own every part of the design process: understanding the problem, ideation, IA, interaction and visual design. And you're supported by a cast of over 25 highly-collaborative design peers, UX researchers, and copywriters.

Read What Does a Product Designer Do at HubSpot? to learn more.

We're Integrated in the Development Process

At many companies, designers are centralized, meaning they sit together as a team and are "contracted" out to work for other teams and stakeholders. At HubSpot, designers are embedded on small product teams, alongside a PM and several engineers. This makes collaboration quick and easy, and reduces the need for documentation.

We Take a T-Shaped Approach

Instead of specializing in one area, like graphic design or UX, you're on a team leading the design process from problem definition to polished pixel. You have deep knowledge or skills in a particular area, but are still able to go wide. This requires a diverse set of design skills and experience, and the ability to work with a high degree of autonomy.

We're Diverse Thinkers

Our team is made up of musicians, parents, recent grads, fashionistas, senior designers, LGBTQ activists, former neuroscience gurus, and more. We each bring different perspectives and backgrounds to the table, but we share traits that we value in one another like empathy, grit, and curiosity.

Small Teams, Big Vision

We want to create consumer-grade software, not the clunky B2B norm. That's why we work in small teams with developers to make an impact on our customers, but also on the world of software. Here are a few fun facts about how our team works to make it happen.

  • In 2015, we ran over


    user tests with our customers.

  • There are over


    elements in our redesigned UI library.

  • Number of living style guides we use?


    backed by hundreds of reusable components.


Designing at HubSpot is brilliant. The culture of quickly iterating on ideas encourages everyone to try things out -- it's awesome. I am also constantly blown away by the smart and talented people working around me. If you believe that good design can really delight and empower people (as I do), HubSpot is the place to be.

Hugo Welke

Product Design Lead

Personal and Professional Growth

In a field that changes rapidly, we make it a priority to continue learning and improving. (Interestingly, we've found that this culture of personal growth is one of the top reasons design candidates cite as the reason they'd like to join us.) Some ways we stay savvy are with weekly Design Reviews, a #design-feedback Slack channel, a Free Books Program, and up to $5,000 in tuition reimbursement.

But most of all, we learn from each other. Our coworkers challenge us to think differently. And, to have a good time at work and beyond.

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