Product Management

Product Managers at HubSpot

Product management looks a little different at every company. At HubSpot, product managers can best be described as champions of the customer. You work in a small, autonomous team to build feedback-driven software. That means while you're quickly growing, our customers are, too.

What Will You Do All Day?

You won't spend time writing specs or waiting for product direction at HubSpot. Product managers have a problem to solve, a few guardrails, and autonomy to choose the best path to deliver on their mission.

Take Ownership

The HubSpot platform is a collection of integrated tools our customers use to drive the growth of their companies through inbound marketing and sales. As a PM, you will own one or more of these tools with a small team (about five people) of engineers and product designers. Together, you discover customer pain points based on feedback and chart the course for your app.

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Move Fast, Iterate Often

Since teams are small and cross-functional, you can move quickly. PMs aren't waiting around to ship new features; you have the freedom and resources to get working software in front of customers as soon as possible so you can start gathering feedback. You take the lead on ungating features, beta testing, and analyzing data.

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Real Demos, Real Impact

We believe transparency is key in keeping our small teams autonomous, but in sync. That's why instead of writing roadmaps or specs, you demo new and beta software live at monthly Science Fair. This is your chance to show the company what's next for your app and the impact your team's solutions are having on customers.

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Big Challenges, Bigger Impact

HubSpot's a complex platform. Customers use our software to monitor social media, publish blog posts, report on thousands of contacts, and much more. That means we have big problems to solve and as a PM, the scope of your solutions is global.

  • We launch new software in front of


    people at our INBOUND conference.

  • Our tools are used in


    different languages.

  • There are over


    businesses using HubSpot to grow today.


Being a PM here means you have the ability to affect thousands of customers with a single decision. That's a big responsibility but an even bigger opportunity to make an impact. The best part is that we get to make those hard decisions with such smart people that I get excited about coming into work everyday.

Angela DeFranco

Senior Product Manager, HubSpot Content Tools

Always Be Learning

If you're not learning (and having fun while doing it), you're not growing. That's why personal and professional development opportunities are a priority at HubSpot. New PMs shadow experienced PMs, and seasoned PMs have access to workshops, classes, and events that keep them ahead of the game.

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