Leadership Rotational Program

Leadership Rotational Program

Building a Foundation for Leadership

The HubSpot Leadership Rotational Program is a two-year program for graduating seniors and an accelerated path toward marketing leadership. This full-time position rotates through three different roles, each eight months in duration, starting in Technical Support followed by two rotations in Marketing.

Unlike many other rotational programs, HubSpot creates a unique path for each participant based off of his or her interests and goals. In addition, all leadership participants have the opportunity to work in one of HubSpot’s international offices. HubSpot has locations in Dublin, Sydney, Singapore, and a growing team in Tokyo.

Want to learn more? Read about Technical Support, the first rotation on the Leadership Program.

Earn Credibility

  • HubSpot Named #1 Best Place to Work in Boston
  • Award-winning tech company
  • Exclusive program for exemplary students

Learn from Leaders

  • Work and learn directly from HubSpot’s senior executives
  • Get matched with an experienced marketing advisor

Find Your Path

  • Spend time in one of HubSpot’s International offices
  • Rotations are hand-picked for each individual employee

Program Details

This role is based in HubSpot’s Cambridge, MA headquarters. Successful candidates should come with an exceptional academic foundation, and we do not expect any prior marketing experience.


  • Rising seniors from the Class of 2019
  • Minimum 3.3 GPA
  • Exceptional academic performance
  • Exemplary leadership experience via school, an internship, or a unique project
  • US Citizen or Permanent resident

Ready to Apply?

Bella Wu
"The rotational program has given me great exposure to many different parts of the business, which helps me understand the projects I'm working on from a big picture point-of-view. Understanding how pieces of the company fit together has played a huge part in helping me be both effective and efficient in my role."
Nitya Bhaskar
"The Rotational Program offers you the opportunity to dive into the product from different perspectives. You learn how HubSpot works from a customer's viewpoint, and then you gain a deepened understanding by looking at the product from different angles on the marketing team. This is a great role for anyone who's looking to explore the world of marketing and understand how the different pieces of the funnel fit together."