Sales Hub Advanced Onboarding

Get advanced, in-depth technical and strategic guidance on using Sales Hub to grow your business. With an onboarding plan customized to your company, goals, software, and tech stack, we’re here to help you -- every step of the way.

Who chooses Sales Hub Advanced Onboarding?

Sales Hub Advanced Onboarding is designed for new customers on HubSpot Sales Hub Professional or Sales Hub Enterprise who have more sophisticated sales needs. This package is ideally suited to customers with large sales teams (over 20 users) and/or complex sales processes who require:

  • Additional technical help with data migration and/or defining custom integrations between HubSpot and their existing tech stack
  • Consulting beyond best practices to define how your custom sales process will be modeled within HubSpot
  • Advice on creating advanced strategies for implementing complex use cases in the software
  • A higher-touch service with more frequent interactions
  • Additional focus on deployment readiness and long term planning
  • Deliverable documentation to help with internal communications

What’s included in Sales Hub Advanced Onboarding?

A core part of our approach is to start with a smaller group of users so you see value sooner. We will also help you define the approach for the initial launch, define success metrics, and a plan for a larger rollout.

During the first 60 days, your onboarding specialist will assist you in setting up the technical components of HubSpot, migrating your data, and creating any necessary systems integrations, while guiding you to define your ideal sales process. Your onboarding specialist will collaborate to create a customized project plan to get you fully up and running, completely integrated, and increased rep productivity -- you can expect that plan to include topics like:

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 What's offered
Productivity tools for your business needs

Standard customization of the CRM for your processes

Overview of your custom sales process in HubSpot

Get ready to onboard your team

Set up standard sales automation

Turn on standard integrations (App Marketplace/native)

Consulting on importing historical CRM data

Managing multiple teams

Business process mapping

Custom integration consulting (APIs)

Phase 1 success planning

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See a week-by-week breakdown of our advanced onboarding approach.

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