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Business Training Plan for Word & Google Docs

Effectively communicate your company's employee training plans through this template.

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Available for Word & Google Docs

Template Highlights

  • Specify training objectives and topics, as well as the skills acquired through them.
  • Develop customized training plans tailored to your team or company's needs.
  • Edit the training plan to align with your company's internal communication standards and corporate image.
  • Use the template in Word or Google Docs.
  • Print the template in your preferred format or share it via email with managers in each department.

Frequently Asked Questions

A company's training plan is a document focused on developing and updating employees' knowledge, skills, and abilities.

To create a training plan for your company, start by analyzing the current situation of your employees. Identify their needs, obstacles they face, and areas where they may be falling behind. Then, design training actions that can address the identified issues. Next, manage the training plan, including content, hours, course types, location, and schedule. Finally, evaluate employee performance.

Yes, the template is editable.

Absolutely, it is completely free.