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Concept Map for PDF, PowerPoint, Google Slides

Use this blank concept map template for brainstorming, information sharing, and problem-solving.

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Available for PDF & PowerPoint & Google Slides

Template Highlights

  • This concept map template can be used for strategic decision-making, product development, project management, defining your target audience, and more.
  • Open and edit the blank concept map template in Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint. Easily visualize your main concept, related ideas, and the connections between different items.
  • Change the colors of different categories to help visually distinguish between them. Customize the colors and font to match your brand’s style.
  • Share your concept map by printing it, converting it to a PDF, or saving it as an image to use in presentations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Start with your main concept, which should appear as the largest on the concept map. Then, identify the associated ideas. Draw connections between the supporting ideas and your main concept. You can also fine-tune your map by using a different color to represent each category and clustering similar supporting ideas together.

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We wouldn’t expect anything less! This printable concept map template is meant to be used more than once. You can use it for individual problem-solving or as a tool to help brainstorm and share information in meetings.