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RACI Matrix for Excel, Google Sheets, PowerPoint, Google Slides

Use the RACI matrix to assign responsibilities to each individual that comes in contact with a specific project.

Download Free Template

Available for Excel & Google Sheets & PowerPoint & Google Slides

Template Highlights

  • Improve the productivity and flow of information for your project.
  • Access the template in Google Sheets, Excel, Google Slides, or PowerPoint.
  • Divide tasks and assign roles and responsibilities in a single document.
  • Simplify communication and easily track project activities with the RACI matrix.
  • Edit the RACI matrix template to suit your company's internal communication needs.
  • Print this template or share it via email to assign roles collaboratively.

Frequently Asked Questions

The RACI matrix is a tool for identifying roles and responsibilities--it's also known as a responsibility assignment matrix. It documents which activities and tasks are assigned to specific team leaders within a project.

Yes, this template is fully editable.

Yes, the template is completely free.