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Sales Dashboard for Excel, Google Sheets

Still tracking your sales data in a simple spreadsheet? Our sales dashboard template offers graphics and quick views that can save time and improve performance.

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Available for Excel & Google Sheets

Template Highlights

  • Our sales dashboard template is downloadable in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets formats.
  • Start with the Instructions tab. It provides detailed instructions for adding and editing your data in the dashboard.
  • In the Setup tab, you will set monthly goals for your metrics.
  • Once you have completed the steps in the Instructions tab, you will have an innovative sales dashboard that will equip you to blow your previous sales records out of the water!

Benefits of a sales dashboard template

A sales dashboard provides a quick overview of your organization’s sales activities. As a result, a sales dashboard template offers the following benefits for a business:

Data insights

By inserting data into a sales KPI template for Excel or Google Sheets, you can get real-time visibility into your sales performance. You can instantly view key information, such as leads, trials, and conversions.

Pattern tracking

A sales dashboard template often includes graphs to help managers identify trends and patterns over time. As a result, you can better read market changes, user preferences, and sales cycles and adjust your strategies on the go.

Easier collaboration

You can use a cloud-based sales dashboard template – like HubSpot’s template via Google Sheets – to centralize your sales data and share performance information across teams and departments. This encourages transparency, collaboration, and alignment throughout your organization.

How to customize a sales dashboard template for your business

While a sales dashboard template offers a great head start for your business, you’ll need to customize it to address your specific needs.

  1. List key metrics: Identify the most important sales metrics for your business. This may include the conversion rate, average order value, monthly recurring revenue, and customer acquisition cost.
  2. Rearrange dashboard elements: Organize the dashboard to show the most critical information promptly. Plus, group related metrics together for easy comparison and analysis.
  3. Configure filters: Add interactive features, such as filters, slicers, and drill-down options, to let users dig deeper into the data.

Tips for using sales dashboards

After customizing the template, you can populate it with your data to get sales insights. That said, to get the most benefits, consider the following best practices:

  • Keep it simple: Avoid cluttering the sales dashboard with all the visuals you can make. Instead, display the most relevant, actionable information.
  • Set thresholds: Define thresholds to notify stakeholders when a particular metric exceeds or falls below a predefined limit. 
  • Set thresholds: Define thresholds to notify stakeholders when a particular metric exceeds or falls below a predefined limit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A sales dashboard is a tool that helps to visualize your sales data. They offer convenient snapshots of key sales objectives and metrics to help you track your team's performance with more accuracy and precision. And better tracking means a more efficient team, which means more closed deals and a boost in revenue!

The most crucial metrics will vary from business to business. Still, you should include sales performance, pipeline, lead generation, and customer KPIs. Finally, you should use those metrics to create visuals to show patterns, trends, and comparisons.

Start by downloading our sales dashboard template as an Excel workbook. You'll find clear instructions, simple data entry requirements, and innovative visuals to make your sales team more effective and efficient.

A sales region dashboard provides insights and analytics across different geographical regions. It helps sales managers visualize how sales spread across various regions. This allows them to identify geographical trends and make data-driven decisions to optimize their strategies.

Yes, HubSpot’s sales dashboard template for Excel is completely free.