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Work Log for Excel, Google Sheets

Use this work log template to organize your tasks or projects in chronological order.

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Available for Excel & Google Sheets

Template Highlights

  • Access this template in Google Sheets or Excel.
  • Document daily progress, details, and problems related to a project.
  • Reference past logs to understand how long similar projects in the future will take.
  • Edit this template to match the colors of your corporate image.
  • Print the work log or share it by email.

Frequently Asked Questions

A work log is a document that tracks the progress of a project over time. It also records extraneous details and problems that have arisen.

To create a work log using this template, start by including your name in the document, the project name, and the start date. You can record progress, highlights, problems, delays, and any other important details on a daily basis.

Yes, this template is fully editable.

Yes, the template is completely free.