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Benefits & Perks

Creating a remarkable employee experience goes beyond benefits and perks. But let’s be honest -- they matter. Here's how we're building a company where employees (and their families, pets, and passions) grow.

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Work and life should fit together.

People who do great work deserve great support. That’s why we care about building a culture of flexibility, learning, and belonging. Our goal is to help you be the best ‘you’ that you can be, both inside and outside of work. That isn’t just good for you -- it’s good for the people you love, too. 

Unlimited Vacation & Global Week of Rest

In addition to a company-wide week off in July, HubSpot has unlimited vacation. You decide when and for how long to take time off. Vacation can be used however you want; for tropical trips or flexible day-to-days. We also have Vacation Quota Relief (VQR) to make sure it’s truly unlimited for all.


Remote Work

You don’t need to be in an office or at a desk to have an impact anymore. With our hybrid model, employees can select one of three flexible work options: @home, @office, @flex to decide where and how they work best. 

Learn more about our hybrid-remote office model.

Five-Year Sabbatical

After five years with HubSpot, you get a four-week paid sabbatical and a sabbatical bonus. Some employees take vacations with their families, while others learn how to play the guitar, or enjoy month-long honeymoons.



Keeping HubSpotters healthy in all areas of life is a priority. This means employees have access to medical, dental, and vision insurance for themselves and their dependents. In addition to great healthcare coverage, we also offer all employees mental health resources, including coaching and/or therapy sessions. 


Parental Benefits

In addition to our Families@HubSpot employee resource group, we offer generous paid leave to new parents, as well as egg-freezing benefits to help give women more support.


Leadership Development

How can we help managers build and grow great teams? HubSpot’s leadership development team provides trainings, ThinkSpaces, recognition programs, and resources for new and tenured managers alike.



Beyond healthy snack options and workspaces, HubSpot offers fitness reimbursement, nutrition consultations, and workshops on mindfulness, stress management, and more.


Financial Wellbeing

In addition to competitive compensation and equity refresh opportunities, HubSpot offers US-based employees a 401(k) with a company match and region-specific retirement plans in all other locations. Employees can also buy HubSpot stock at a discount from the share price at purchase. By contributing between 1%-15% of their base pay for a set period of time, the funds are used to buy HubSpot stock at a 15% discount. 


Tuition Reimbursement

To help you advance your career, HubSpot offers a tuition reimbursement and employee development benefit. The intent of this benefit is to help offset the cost of courses that are related to developing your career at HubSpot.


Ongoing Learning

People at HubSpot are deeply curious. That’s why we have ongoing learning opportunities like the Free Books Program, the Learn@HubSpot online platform, a mini-MBA Fellows program, HubTalks, workshops, and more.


Employee Resource Groups

Belonging is an important part of doing your best work. These ERGs provide support and community for employees globally: LGBTQ+ Alliance, Families@HubSpot, People of Color at HubSpot, BLACKhub, and Women@HubSpot.

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Helping millions of organizations grow better also means growing our impact on the communities in which we live and work. That's why HubSpotters have up to eight hours of volunteering in company time annually to give back to their communities.

  • Bridget Donelson
    HubSpot's Free Book Program is one of my favorite perks of HubSpot. The Library includes borrowing existing books and requesting a new book be added to the library each month. Additionally, having access to all HubSpotter book selections enables me to enjoy numerous books on my To-Be-Read list. The Free Books Program is the cherry on top of all the amazing perks HubSpot has to offer!

    Bridget Donelson

    Principal Customer Onboarding Specialist | @home


  • Kimberly Chapin
    One of my favorite benefits of HubSpot is access the offerings the Culture Team provides, one being the Global Free Books program and the addition of Libby, an online library where we can checkout books!

    Kimberly Chapin

    Senior Customer Support Specialist | @home


  • Megha Bhattacharya
    My favorite benefit is the annual Employment Development fund - it has allowed me to pursue and learn skills that make me better in my current role and also adds credibility to my personal development for future roles. This is one of the best ways in which HubSpot is investing in me and encouraging a growth mindset.

    Megha Bhattacharya

    Senior Solutions Engineer | @home

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