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How Consafe Logistics increased conversions by 36% with HubSpot

After six months a new, customer-focused website built in HubSpot CMS helps Consafe Logistics enhance global outreach by increasing session to contact conversion by 36%.

  • 36% Increase in customers converted via the website

  • 60% Increase in New Contacts

  • 415% Increase in Session to Contact Conversion for paid search

Consafe Logistics

Consafe Logistics modernizes the logistics and supply chain industry through innovative warehouse management technology. Their adaptable software and hardware automate operations, enhancing profitability and efficiency for customers.


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    After replacing the previous content management platform with HubSpot CMS Hub and developing a brand-new, intuitive website, Consafe Logistics boasts a website that showcases its innovation, efficiency, development, and dedication to customer satisfaction. A custom theme paired with marketing automations, various landing pages, and a resource page provides a flexible, easy-to-manage solution at the backend, paired with a delightful, customer-centric website interface.

    Sales success enabled with the new HubSpot CMS website

    A fresh, user-friendly website provided Consafe Logistics with new sales opportunities, increasing customers converted via the website by 36% for all sources and customers converted via the website by 31% for direct and organic sources.

    With HubSpot’s broad and flexible customization options, the website gained proper structure and refurbished architecture elements such as categorized resources filtering and pagination, making it easy to navigate. After optimizing the website for mobile devices to fit all screen sizes automatically, Consafe Logistics reported an increase in mobile session-to-contact conversion by 13% and contact-to-customer conversion by 20%.

    Louise Lindell, Digital Marketing Manager, Consafe Logistics 

    “6Minded delivered a fast, business-ready site that reflects us as a modern software company. Our target audiences work in an increasingly complex supply chain environment, facing constant disruptions. We wanted to share with them our knowledge and over 40 years of experience in warehouse management in a quick and accessible way – the new website also serves this purpose.”

    A seamless HubSpot website migration gives Consafe Logistics an online presence that mirrors its core attributes: innovation, efficiency, growth, and customer-centricity.

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