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In HubSpot, Legartis Found the Right Tool for Every Phase of its Growth

Legartis is a legal tech company based in Zurich, which specializes in SaaS for B2B. To ensure efficient, lean, agile processes, it turned to marketing automation and selected HubSpot.

  • -75% cost per lead

  • x20 number of MQLs

  • +200% conversion rate of MQL to SQL


Legartis was founded in 2017 and focuses on automated contract review with artificial intelligence (Legal AI). The company’s goal has always been to make the work of lawyers easier with regard to contract reviews. In 2021, the Legartis product was launched. It supports and speeds up the contract review process by using artificial intelligence to automatically match contracts to company policies and alerting contract reviewers in the event that any clauses are missing, inadequate, or incorrect.


Company Size:


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    Legartis, which focuses on automated contract review with artificial intelligence (Legal AI), decided at an early stage to choose HubSpot for its CRM and marketing automation. “For a small company like ours, it was important to choose a highly professional solution that is intuitive and meets our needs. And when you evaluate marketing automation solutions, HubSpot is the clear winner,” says Nicole Schnetzer, Head of Marketing at Legartis.


    Focus on Clear Processes

    Legartis’ goals evolved continuously throughout the company’s growth phase. What was important at all times is that the process was clear. 

    The following questions were key at the outset: How many leads does the company want to secure? What platforms should be used? What content should be used for this? 

    The next step was to clarify what the funnel should look like. This is where HubSpot came into play. 


    Marketing Hub as the First Step

    In 2019, Marketing Hub was an important first element for Legartis to generate leads. Subsequently, sales units were expanded and Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) were brought on board. 

    In 2020, Legartis purchased CMS Hub, followed by Sales Hub in 2021 and Operations Hub in 2022, in order to expand its analytics insights. As further customers were acquired, Service Hub was added in the same year, which is used to support customers as part of the customer access management process. “The modularity of HubSpot has supported the company’s growth,” says Schnetzer.


    Single Source of Truth

    For Legartis, it is a significant benefit that HubSpot can be integrated with other systems thanks to its market strength. Schnetzer adds: “Data synchronization is ensured. Additional tools are still needed in certain areas and these are easy to connect.”

    For Legartis, a single source of truth, as offered by HubSpot with its platform, is an essential part of meeting its customers’ needs and capturing the user journey and customer journey at a glance. It is very important for Legartis that collaboration between Marketing and Sales is silo-free.


    Strengthening the Connection Between Marketing and Sales

    With HubSpot, Legartis can promote the concept of smarketing—collaboration between Sales and Marketing. A lead is visible to both teams—Sales and Marketing are each sent a notification. Both teams see the path taken by the potential customers on the website. “I like how user activities can be tracked. This is supported by lead scoring. We get insight into their engagement with the company and into their interests. This enables Sales and Marketing to process the lead in the best-possible way,” says Schnetzer.

    She particularly likes how HubSpot can be well adapted to the company’s needs. During onboarding, it is immediately evident that it is intuitive to use. New employees are able to get to grips with HubSpot very quickly. Legartis also likes the option to create new data points (properties). With HubSpot, it is simple to filter based on these properties and create lists. 


    Upward Trend for Inbound Marketing

    In 2022, inbound marketing accounted for 50 percent of total marketing at Legartis. Now, it makes up 80 percent. The goal is to increase this to 100 percent.

    Automation is making life easier for the Marketing team. “If we had to process leads manually, this would involve two or three extra hours of work per day for the Marketing team. This would mean we would need to create a 40 or 50 percent part-time position. For us, it’s quite clear: it would be impossible to get by without marketing automation,” says Schnetzer.

    As part of email marketing, Legartis employs email nurturing. The focus here is on the webinar funnel as a means of nurturing previous leads and bringing them back into focus. Marketing tries to engage with customers through valuable content. The Sales team uses emails to achieve conversions for meetings, discovery calls, etc. To do this, they use sequences to plan personalized emails to potential customers. 

    “With HubSpot, we can identify which campaigns are running. We can run specific analyses for the individual channels and calculate the ROI,” says Schnetzer.


    Sales Hub Offers and Overview

    With Sales Hub, users immediately know: which lead is at which stage? “HubSpot enables us to carry out forecasting. Are we in a “healthy” position? Are we on the right track? The tool allows us to respond quickly if this is not the case. For us, it’s quite clear: without HubSpot, we’d have no overview of things, and the risk of moving in the wrong direction and not being able to respond quickly would be high,” Schnetzer highlights.


    Which Content Is Working?

    Service Hub helps Legartis with new customer acquisition. The tool provides the company with information about the reactions to its content. This is helpful for employees, as it enables them to identify the right content in order to satisfy customers. They also use make use of surveys and the Knowledge Center (knowledge base). 


    SEO Health= Inbound Lead Health

    Schnetzer says: “Website maintenance, content management, tracking—it’s good for us to have everything in one place. Website usability is very good, and SEO analyses, too, which are particularly important. Ultimately, SEO health and inbound lead health are directly connected for us.” Legartis gets support with content marketing and HubSpot from the B2B growth agency &weekly.


    Analyzing Conversion Rates

    With its existing Professional version setup, Legartis had few calculable fields for performing custom metrics. “Thanks to Operations Hub, we are now able to analyze conversion rates and funnel cycle times in a very granular way through datasets and calculable fields,” says Raul Sfat, who has provided tech advice and support to Legartis as a partner at &weekly.


    The actions taken by Legartis based on data analytics play a part in the company’s growth. HubSpot helps with this, as figures for the digital channels at Legartis show. According to this, the conversion rate from a normal lead to a marketing qualified lead (MQL) is at 80 percent. Legartis has increased the number of MQLs twenty-fold. 

    The conversion rate from marketing qualified lead to sales qualified lead (SQL) subsequently improved by 200 percent. The number of product demos in the SQL phase, something that is very important for SaaS companies like Legartis, tripled.

    Legartis also managed to reduce its expenses: cost per lead was reduced by 75 percent.

    The growth process at Legartis is set to continue. For Schnetzer, the situation is clear: “Growth is all about optimization. And to optimize, we need data. HubSpot allows me to make adjustments to workflows based on analytics. The actions we take after data analysis drive our growth. HubSpot helps us with this.”

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