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Map My Customers

Map My Customers Increases their Productivity while Decreasing their Workload with HubSpot Behavioral Events

Being able to automate lead segmentation has been a game changer for Map My Customer’s marketing team and the custom event triggers are what have made their new success possible. Being able to automate lead segmentation has been a game changer for Map My Customer’s marketing team and the custom event triggers are what have made their new success possible.

13% increase in qualified leads

60% return in time

8.2% increase in sales development to lead connection rate

Solving for Over-Complicated Tools

Natalie Marcotullio is the Chief of Staff, and previous Marketing Director, at Map My Customers, a unique, lightweight CRM designed to manage field data and sales teams. By implementing HubSpot’s behavioral events she was able to use behavior based triggers to improve her marketing and exceed her goals.

Before using HubSpot, the Map My Customers team used a combination of different custom developments and open source MAP tools to piecemeal their marketing strategy together. This left them unable to identify or qualify leads and any adjustments they wanted to make had a long waiting time with the development team.

By adopting HubSpot and implementing behavioral events, Natalie’s team has progressed from needing entire months to execute the custom triggers they need for segmenting leads, to being able to spin them up in 30 minutes. Similarly, the time needed for processing in app events and segmentation has been cut down from entire work days to mere minutes. 

“After such a difficult experience, we just wanted something easy to use,” says Natalie. HubSpot offered Map My Customers the powerful functionality they needed, when they needed it, in an easy to use package. This allowed Natalie to do the work herself. Without having to borrow time from a dedicated development team. 

In the past, Map My Customers used an open source MAP that required lots of customization to perform the tasks they needed. This not only impacted reporting but it also complicated communication between the sales, marketing, and development teams which in turn slowed their efficiency to a crawl.

As Natalie explains “it used to take roughly a full day for a sales rep to reach out to an inbound lead”.  They realized that they needed an easier to use, but more powerful solution, that would give them back the time to do what they did best —bring in more qualified leads.

The HubSpot growth suite, Marketing and Sales Hub, helped them streamline their Marketing stack to improve performance and build team cohesion. The transition from open source MAP tools to HubSpot was as painless as it was impactful. Using HubSpot’s behavioral events feature, they were able to track how leads were interacting with their software. Ultimately, they were able to pin-point which leads were most likely to convert. 

Knowing who to reach out to and how to prioritize them meant they could cut down 2 hours a day of wasted time reaching out to bad leads. They increased their inbound call-to-connection rate with qualified leads by 8.2%

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Powering Growth Through Behavioral Events

One of the ways behavioral events made this happen for Map My Customer was through an integration with Slack, via HubSpot’s custom triggers. Whenever somebody using a free trial triggered a certain number of events in the app, Slack sent a message to alert the sales team to a hot lead. 

This data-based outreach is much more effective than time based or random outreach to an user. The marketing efforts are directed to someone who is actively using their tools. So it’s not a surprise that Natalie’s team has seen an increase in SDR productivity.  The rep knows exactly what type of help the prospect needs and the right way to approach them. 

Behavioral events can easily be replicated on the website or across the marketing funnel. When you set up triggers based on behavior it’s much easier to connect with users and improve close rates because it looks for opportunities in your buyer’s journey to upsell as well as prevent customer fallout.

In addition to this, Map My Customer also saw improvements in the marketing and sales relationship.

“HubSpot definitely helps us to be more unified. Sales recognizes that marketing is working towards getting them the best leads when 60% less time is spent on bad leads. We’ve always had a good relationship, but this just emphasizes a stronger working bond” Natalie says.

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Sustained Improvement for Marketing and Sales

Being able to automate lead segmentation using behavioral events has been a game changer for Map My Customers’ marketing team.

Since implementing Behavioral Event triggers, they’ve  seen:

  • A 13% increase in qualified leads (accompanying their new website)
  • A roughly 60% return in time investment for the team’s sales development representative, reducing 20-30 calls a day to 10
  • An 8.2% increase in sales development to lead connection rate

As Natalie says, “I’d recommend HubSpot to anyone who wants a powerful, integrated system and doesn’t want to configure it all themselves.” 

About Map My Customers

Map My Customers is a CRM mapping for outside. The field sales app proven to increase field productivity through customer visualization, route optimization, lead generation, activity automation, & sales territory management.

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