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Mindvalley Grows Database and Eases Marketing with HubSpot

Implementing HubSpot across 3 different companies has resulted in data and insights that Mindvalley never had before.

  • 70% CVR on one offer

  • 11k+ list size in 4 months


Mindvalley is a learning experience company that publishes ideas and teachings by the best authors in personal growth, wellbeing, spirituality, productivity, mindfulness and more – and combines them with cutting-edge sophisticated learning technology within engaged and supportive communities.


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    The Challenge

    Jason Campbell, Senior Partner at Mindvalley oversees three units — Mindvalley Insights, an open source initiative sharing best practices in Online Marketing and Workplace Culture, Finerminds, a wellness blog and publication, and A-Fest, a invitation-only event for extraordinary individuals to connect and grow (while having a great time!)

    Across all three units, he has a massive database of contacts with shared interests. When his database grew to the point that his email system could not handle his growth, he decided to move to a new marketing solution. “We tried everything. We had somebody in house dedicated to it, we had to hack the way we used every system. It was horrible and their system couldn’t handle the volume of people we work with."

    The Solution

    Enter HubSpot — a complete marketing and sales platform that could support all three business units and their database. Having used HubSpot at a different company, Jason knew the platform would be a simple way to manage multiple blogs and content across his three businesses, and would give him insights into customer interactions and behavior. 

    “When I found HubSpot’s Marketing and Sales platform I immediately thought — ‘finally, somebody has built one platform that has all the tools a business needs, and gone above and beyond and made it easy-to-use and effective in every area." 

    Jason championed HubSpot internally with his 3 companies, and set his marketers up for success. “Now they can see what channels actually bring in leads. We’ve never had even a glimpse at this amount of data, and it’s blowing our minds.” Jason set up targeted Smart Lists for his marketers where they can see all of their target segments and the KPIs that they care about at a glance (even on their smartphones).

    One of his business units, Finerminds, was generating a good amount of traffic, but had no actual points of conversion or landing pages to effectively to allow visitors to opt-in to their email list. Their previous marketing system made them jump through hoops just to get a visitor to a form. When Jason brought HubSpot in, his marketer started to see immediate success in growing her database.

    "Her list have now reached over 11,145 in 4 months and she has a landing page offer converting at 70%. As she’s growing her audience, finally she can now see metrics on the health of her list, see that its growing and that inbound is working."

    Ease-of-Use in Content Tools and CRM


    More than that, life has become easier for the entire team. Launching new offers and landing pages has become painless, no more wrestling with clunky editors or code. “We started by using free templates saw immediate results. After that, we had fun when we purchased a landing page template (ACT by Neambo) from the template marketplace, and use it as our handy rolodex of premium templates."

    Above everything Mindvalley has been doing with the marketing platform, success also came from the CRM. “Hubspot CRM was a “free bonus”, yet it turbo-charged our partnerships team. We were able to scrap the scattered spreadsheets and have visibility on what all the different teams engaging with the authors, affiliates, PR initiatives and more. I’ve worked on implementing over 6 different CRMs in the past. I’ve never seen a platform so simply designed to empower my sales team.”

    What Do You See for the Future of Inbound in Southeast Asia?

    "Whatever you see happen in the US usually starts to trickle down to the rest of the world. We saw it happen in Canada and Europe and I feel it’s about to hit South East Asia big time. Anybody that is going to try inbound now is going to be at the forefront of something that’s going to be an eventuality. "

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      Now they can see what channels actually bring in leads. We’ve never had even a glimpse at this amount of data, and it’s blowing our minds.

      Jason Campbell

      Senior Partner


    • HubSpot as a platform really allows us to better understand our customers and how they interact with our content over time.

      Joe Escobedo

      Head of Communications

    • Prior to using HubSpot, we didn’t have a nurture program in place. Now, even if someone isn’t ready to do business with us, we’re keeping them warm and keeping that relationship in place, and are able to have a much more personalized and targeted interaction with them based on their persona and their history with us.

      Belmond Victor

      Principal Consultant

      Happy Marketer

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    With tools to make every part of your process more human and a support team excited to help you, growing your business with HubSpot has never been easier.