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Why and Metrie Migrated to HubSpot CRM from Salesforce and Metrie switched to HubSpot CRM for its easy configuration and intuitive interface. As a result, both companies shortened their sales cycles, increased sales productivity, and improved cash flow.

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Dee Dee Walsh from and Spencer Smith from Metrie discuss how HubSpot improved their businesses after switching from Salesforce.


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    CRM Upgraded: See Your Full Business with HubSpot and Metrie switched from Salesforce to HubSpot CRM for its intuitive interface and easy configuration, which increased adoption by their sales teams. As a result of the switch, both companies achieved measurable benefits, including a shortened sales cycle, increased sales productivity and improved cash flow. It’s why Dee Dee Walsh, VP of Marketing and Business Development at, describes HubSpot as a next-generation CRM.

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