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Building Customer Lifetime Value with HubSpot

Talent Garden is a European community that provides coworking, education, and industry-driven events for the digital and tech ecosystem. Talent Garden chose HubSpot as it's scalable solution for its ease of use, process coverage, and multiple integrations with other platforms. In less than one year, Talent Garden has onboarded over 150 employees from 5 Countries and built a database of over 250,000 profiled contacts.

  • 2x increase in deals managed

  • 90% fewer manual tasks during the sales process

  • 150 employees from 5 Countries onboarded

Talent Garden

Talent Garden is a European community that provides coworking, education, and industry-driven events for the digital and tech ecosystem.


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    Lacking a single source of truth

    Before HubSpot. Talent Garden used many disconnected custom tools and realized they needed to find a scalable solution that would allow them to continue growing during the scale-up phase while keeping the customer at the core of its strategy.

    The company faced the following challenges:

    Dispersed Historical Data meant decisions relied upon “gut feeling.” The lack of a centralized platform made it difficult to address our customers’ needs and issues. A further lack of best practices and standardized tools hindered efficiency and increased manual work as Chief Digital Officer, Alessandro Braga explains, "We had multiple tools to collect data and information but never understood that this plurality of sources could lead to inaccurate data collection. We needed to connect all our dots and find new insights, unlocking a new potential”.

    Growing with HubSpot

    In 2018 Talent Garden has decided to launch a new transformational project by working closely with HubSpot Solution Partner, OFG Advertising, with the vision of enhancing the way they interacted with prospects & customers and keep track of sales KPIs through HubSpot.

    Since then, the company has implemented over 800 workflows, managed over 50.000 deals and nearly 900 tickets, and their database has exceeded 270.000 contacts.

    This milestone has been significant for Talent Garden because it allowed them to manage direct contact with nearly 300,000 contacts, which is very meaningful.

    But what is even more significant is that now they can track and profile all these contacts and create value by analyzing their past behaviours, thanks to HubSpot and all the integrations available in the HubSpot ecosystem.

    The implementation of the project has allowed them to collect meaningful insights such as users' interests, events attended, campuses visited, and all the products and services that could be relevant for their audience. Basically, Talent Garden can understand their customers' needs and personalize the way they interact with them.

    In other words, by improving client visibility, they’re increasing the delivered value and, ultimately, improving sales.

    The Pandadoc HubSpot integration also allows merging contact, product, opportunities, and pricing details from CRM directly into personalized quotes and contracts.

    “HubSpot has enabled us to automate a great part of our sales processes and to collect relevant data about people who have engaged with Talent Garden in any way. Their interests, any events they've attended, which campus they've visited, and the services they might be interested in. We now have a better understanding of our audiences, and we can communicate in a thoughtful and personalized way.” Veronica Paggin - Talent Garden Head of Sales Operations

    Scaling fast with HubSpot

    Thanks to the HubSpot Platform, Talent Garden is more agile. It can easily identify new clusters of potential customers, new needs of its audiences, allowing them to offer a more comprehensive service than many competitors. Talent Garden plans on effectively using HubSpot’s integration with Shopify for its online shop and that project will be one of the most compelling tasks of the forthcoming period.

    Talent Garden is also focused on the opportunity to benchmark sales KPI to leverage economies of scale from standards without losing the chance to customize customer relationships. This choice will allow Talent Garden to reduce manual work for its sales teams and introduce a better shopping experience for all customers.

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