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HubSpot Revolutionizes Marketing and Customer Service for Castelli, Sportful, and Karpos Brands on SAP Commerce Cloud

Implementing HubSpot with the support of Exelab, MVC Group today manages to coordinate all activities of the three brands with a single tool and maintains a complete and unified view of each customer's data. This enables the delivery of excellent service quality and optimizes the relationship with the customer throughout the entire purchasing process.

  • 100% Centralized Touchpoints

  • +100% Conversion Rate

  • 5 Different Teams on a Single Platform

MVC Group

Manifattura Valcismon, located at the foot of the stunning Dolomites, is a company founded in 1946. Initially specialized in the production of high-quality wool yarns and underwear, over the years it has shifted its business focus towards the world of sports clothing.


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    The Challenge and Goals

    MVC Group is a brand with a strong international presence, whose three flagship brands, namely Castelli, Sportful, and Karpos, are considered leaders in technical sportswear. The company operates in 75 countries through six regional hubs that cover local markets: Europe, the United States of America, Canada, Spain, Portugal and Andorra, Austria and Germany, China and Japan. Its territorial presence is extremely widespread, with commercial structures covering much of the world.

    MVC Group aimed to provide the teams of the three brands with more effective and intuitive marketing tools to cultivate the customer relationship more precisely and, potentially, manage the business relationship with the customer more efficiently. At the same time, it was necessary to restructure the e-commerce platform of each brand to facilitate and speed up management processes, in light of the complexity of the continuously growing DTC business.

    The real challenge was to identify and implement a solution that could interface completely with the three e-commerce systems, providing a comprehensive system for marketing and customer service activities, with the possibility of also supporting sales teams in managing their own activities in the future.

    This solution had to allow the various teams of the different brands to work with a unified tool, capable of managing and monitoring all activities related to the company's business

    The Solution

    MVC Group decided to adopt HubSpot as an all-in-one CRM solution, in response to their need to effectively manage all marketing and customer service activities within a single platform. Thanks to the complete integration with the company's e-commerce, this solution allows a coordinated management of activities and a complete and unified view of customer data.

    Furthermore, the platform provides centralized access to customer information, simplifying the decision-making process and improving collaboration among teams. In this way, each operator has access to the correct information at the right time, improving the quality of service offered and optimizing the relationship with the customer.

    This choice allowed the company to fully leverage the benefits of this innovative CRM platform, improving and optimizing its commitment to providing quality service to its customers and simplifying the process of managing marketing and customer service activities.

    Key Points

    MVC Group implemented HubSpot, integrating all marketing and customer service processes to manage and monitor activities related to its three brands. In collaboration with the partner responsible for developing e-commerce on SAP Commerce Cloud technology and the system integrator,  an analysis was carried out, the architecture was designed, and the data structure was developed within HubSpot. They worked on a complete and scalable model, but at the same time easy to use to facilitate rapid adoption.

    • HubSpot's marketing tools were implemented to communicate personally with each user of the three brands, including a system of personalized and effective emails for the recovery of abandoned shopping carts, an integration with Strava to allow more effective campaign management, and integrated event management in Eventbrite.
    • A series of solutions for collecting user data in HubSpot were implemented, with the aim of improving profiling.
    • The systems for sending personalized coupon offers were integrated into HubSpot, and a "product recommendation engine" was created to help users find complementary or alternative products while browsing the e-commerce, based on the information present within the CRM.
    • The ERP system was integrated with HubSpot in order to ensure constant and timely updating of the product catalog also within the CRM, making it available, for example, to the customer service team or marketing teams for the management of specific product campaigns.
    • With the aim of unifying the control of marketing activities, a centralized interface was created in HubSpot for the monitoring of campaigns, regardless of the source or tool used for their implementation.
    • The communication channel related to testimonials, influencers, athletes, and brand ambassadors has been integrated into HubSpot in order to easily and clearly monitor the provided material and the results derived from the communication activities carried out by the engaged profiles
    • The customer service processes were integrated and implemented in HubSpot, ensuring centralized, punctual, and simplified management of support requests through the various channels monitored by the various teams organized by brand and country.


    Thanks to HubSpot, we were able to integrate and optimize the performance of our marketing, sales, and customer service departments, always prioritizing the core needs of our business.
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