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Zoho vs HubSpot

Your CRM platform is core to the operations and successes of every team of your business, so choosing the best CRM platform to suit your needs is critical. This page compares Zoho and HubSpot — two popular CRM options — to help make the evaluation process straightforward.

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In your process to find the best CRM for your business, you might wonder how Zoho software compares to HubSpot. Both solutions offer a wide variety of features and tools for all your front office teams. The differences start to emerge when you look more closely at factors like implementation, ongoing support, and maintenance. This page will help you understand the differences between HubSpot and Zoho, so you can choose the right CRM for your business.

What does HubSpot do?

HubSpot is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that is built so you can customize it to meet your business needs without adding unnecessary complexity. It’s easy and free to get started, and flexible enough to architect your business on HubSpot exactly as it appears in the real world, without months of custom dev work.


With marketing, sales, content management, and customer service applications, HubSpot is designed to empower scaling companies to run better so they can grow better.

What does Zoho do?

Zoho is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution tailored to the needs of small and midsize businesses. Its interface includes CRM tools such as sales and marketing automation, customer support and help desk, inventory management, product configuration and reporting, and customer analytics.


To help you understand the difference in total cost of users and how many you can have between Zoho and HubSpot, let’s break it down in this chart.

HubSpot's Starter CRM Suite vs. Zoho CRM Plus

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 HubSpot’s Starter CRM Suite (Source) Zoho CRM Plus (Source)
Starting Price

Starts at $50/mo.

Starts at $69/user/mo.

10 Users



25 Users



50 Users



Lite Users




Your CRM is the foundation of your sales process. It should keep you organized, increase efficiency, give leadership clear direction on how to grow revenue, and scale with your growth. See how HubSpot and Zoho compare across some of the most critical CRM capabilities.

  • HubSpot is uniquely dedicated to ease-of-use and simplicity for admins, reps, and managers. This way, you spend less time (and money) getting your CRM system to work the way you need it to. HubSpot customers have the freedom to organize and administer their CRM without the need to hire a dedicated admin. Need a more sophisticated approach? Use custom objects to architect your CRM in a flexible, intuitive way for your business, and seamlessly import crucial 3rd party data into your CRM. We made our pricing suitable/flexible for businesses who do not have an unlimited budget.

    Compared to a seamless and complete solution, Zoho requires additional effort to set up initially, and recurring maintenance to avoid major pitfalls (source). One G2 user writes, “Glitchy programming, especially with third-party integrations. Sometimes haphazard programming allowing for some customizations, yet missing others. Support does not pay attention to details and takes several explanations to receive needed support. Support can also take days or more to resolve.” (source)

  • HubSpot features an elegant user experience that's optimized for the things customer people do every day. By combining powerful features with intuitive UX, HubSpot is loved by admins and end-users alike. HubSpot doesn't just provide a blank slate to turn over to your developers, but rather an intuitive set of tools that can be constantly adapted by whoever needs that control.  And it’s why HubSpot is consistently ranked the most user-friendly CRM and B2B software (source), with rep adoption often cited as a key benefit among HubSpot users. As a result, customers making the switch to HubSpot often see an improvement in their data quality. When paired with HubSpot’s powerful reporting and automation features, high-quality data gives admins greater visibility into the overall health of their business. 


    Unlike HubSpot, Zoho does not provide the same quality of support to its customers. HubSpot's support is included in all plans (See G2 ratings of support here). For better support coverage and responsiveness, Zoho customers will be required to pay an additional 20-25% of their annual contract. This means not only do they need to pay for a feature that is essential to a smooth operation of the product, but their price tag will increase as business scales. HubSpot's approach to customer support places the success of our customers at the center of everything we do - we take a keen interest in making sure that our customers receive the most out of the product as possible. That's why we focus heavily on the onboarding experience, HubSpot Academy, and the core Customer Success team that we run in-house [rather than outsourced].

  • HubSpot CRM platform and supporting Sales, Marketing, Content Management, Operations & Service Hubs have all been built by HubSpot from the ground up. The result is a unified and consistent user experience where data, reporting, and individual tools all  work in unison  with one another . This is  why all Hubs, tools, and integrations connect seamlessly. It’s all powered by the same database, so everyone in your organization — Marketing Sales, Service, and Operations — is working off the same system of record. This provides a smoother handoff between teams and results in a more delightful experience for your customers. With carefully crafted products and a thriving ecosystem of integrations, HubSpot works to align your data, channels, and teams around a single source of truth. Every interaction is seamlessly synced to the contact’s timeline so your whole team has a clear understanding of the person, not just the persona. With this level of alignment and data, your team can create a more personalized and remarkable customer experience — helping you grow better.


    While Zoho has largely developed its products in-house, many combinations require additional connections or integrations to sync across different applications For example, connecting Zoho Desk and Marketing to the CRM requires establishing synchronization rules and connection as you would for a third party service or marketing solution (source). While these features and tools are united under a single brand, the underlying infrastructure is disparate — leaving your data, channels, and teams vulnerable to a disjointed experience. This can add friction that slows your team down and disrupts your ability to create exceptional customer experiences.

  • HubSpot doesn't sacrifice power for usability. Customize it to meet your business needs without adding complexity — and scale up gracefully, without months of custom dev work. HubSpot offers a flexible data structure for your CRM with custom objects, so custom implementations are a breeze. You can stay agile as you scale, adapting easily to whatever the world throws at you.

    Gartner reviewers give Zoho CRM lower ratings across the board (source), but face specific challenges when it comes to integration and deployment. Despite being developed largely in-house, Zoho has been slower to innovate on features that would ease these pain points -- like out of the box data connectivity between applications. Zoho has an expansive suite of products to help customize your tech stack but this can also introduce more friction into existing processing. More friction means more time spent on basic configuration, potentially holding you back from optimizing your processes.

  • With HubSpot, you get access to everything you need, plus anything you want. Tap into HubSpot’s expansive network of over 1,000+ integrations and thousands of certified solutions partners to help you provide an exceptional end-to-end customer experience. Say hello to the HubSpot Ecosystem. You've created an amazing business, and now, you don't have to grow it alone.

    While a low-cost CRM platform like Zoho might seem like a safe bet, Zoho lacks the ecosystem to service all of its global customers and broad product line, leaving many businesses with limited support. Going it alone also creates buggy processes and less-than-reliable reporting (source). And as soon as your strategy shifts, you are once again at the mercy of the technical masterminds who set things up.

  • HubSpot is invested in your success from day one. Our world-class support and customer success teams are available to all customers– with phone and email support at no extra charge for Pro and Enterprise customers– and you won’t pay more for it as you grow. HubSpot Academy, is consistently ranked as one of the top online learning platforms in the world (source), and is also available for free right at your fingertips. 

    G2 not only rates HubSpot higher than Zoho for “Quality of Support”, but also on “Ease of Doing Business With” and “Product Direction” — plus, HubSpot triples Zoho in favorable reviews (source). Zoho users who lack strong support mechanisms must be more self-sufficient to realize value from their product, creating friction that makes the partnership between user and provider less positive. This should give businesses pause in evaluating the long-term viability of the solution.

Unlock the Value of Choosing HubSpot

The Zoho app is an affordable product that offers users a basic CRM. But HubSpot’s flexible pricing options, 24/7 support and world-class service means HubSpot’s power can be realized faster, making your business more adaptable and resilient.

Unlimited Users, Unlimited Transparency

As your team grows, you shouldn’t have to pay to have visibility into the success of your business. HubSpot offers unlimited free user access to reporting, results, and more.

Flexible Contact Pricing

With HubSpot, you only pay for the contacts you market to via email or ads. Get access to free storage of up to 15 million non-marketing contacts.  For organizations with fewer than 200 users, Zoho caps your account at 5 million records. Additional data storage costs $4 for 100MB/month (source).

Unlimited Storage and Insights

Store logged emails, recorded calls, documents, notes, and company insights without hitting a storage cap. Zoho offers only 20MB of storage per user license (source).

  1. single source of truth

    360° Source of Truth for Your Customer Data

    Say goodbye to data silos and incomplete customer profiles. HubSpot’s all-on-one CRM platform maintains a unified customer profile complete with data from all your front-office teams. This ensures you always have complete visibility into the customer journey and deep insights derived from a comprehensive view.

    Managers, leaders, and executives require visibility into the progress of their teams and access to powerful reporting to help them evaluate success and build out strategies for the future. But, they don’t necessarily need to use the same day-to-day tools as someone directly on the sales floor. With unlimited free users from HubSpot, you can give your entire organization visibility into the rich customer data housed in HubSpot, to help teams work smarter and deliver a more cohesive customer experience — no charge.

What are customers saying?

HubSpot won Best CRM Software in 2021 by Finances Online, and consistently receives recognition from a variety of highly regarded sources.

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This is the easiest CRM I've ever used. Having been in sales and marketing/sales-related roles for many of the past 20 years, I've worked with everything from an ancient version of ACT! to Siebel, Salesforce, Zoho, and too many others to remember. HubSpot CRM by far has the most intuitive interface. Love, love, love this product!


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Launch Interactive, LLC

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