Strategic IC Increases Revenue by 50% with HubSpot

Strategic Internet Consulting has always been a full service agency. However, to adapt to shifts in B2B buying behaviour, Strategic needed to provide full-funnel strategies and campaign plans to deliver on client ROI and business objectives. Managing full-funnel remits required Strategic to investigate marketing automation platforms. As a result, the agency joined the HubSpot Partner Program and is achieving great things – it gets an average of 80 leads per month and 100% of its clients are on retainer.


Of clients on retainers


Increase in average retainer value


Year on year increase in revenue

Strategic IC Team


Strategic Internet Consulting is a specialist B2B digital marketing agency that specializes in inbound and account-based marketing. Its core services include inbound marketing and sales enablement, account-based marketing, modern lead generation and web development. A HubSpot Platinum Tier Partner, Strategic helps some of the world's largest enterprise tech, professional services and pharmaceutical companies to increase and nurture their sales and marketing pipelines.

Joining the Digital Dots With the Inbound Methodology

Alex Embling founded Strategic IC as a full service agency in 1995, when the internet was still its infancy and Google had yet to launch.

“As the web evolved, clients began to understand the importance of improving their sites’ visibility, and that’s where my marketing background came into play. We started doing things like SEO, PPC advertising and content creation,” explains Alex Embling, Strategic IC’s managing director.

The agency grew rapidly, taking on large clients in the enterprise tech, professional service and pharmaceutical sectors. However, it was using a collection of disconnected point solutions for its online marketing activities, which made it difficult to produce truly integrated campaigns and prove ROI to customers.

“Inbound was a natural transition for us. One of our clients mentioned that he wanted to try the HubSpot software, and I began to research it. Once I saw what the company was achieving and how it could benefit our clients, I was convinced. Within two weeks, I had signed up to the HubSpot Partner Program and was attending INBOUND in Boston. That was in 2014, and we’ve been growing ever since.”

"We wanted to become a full-funnel inbound agency, and the HubSpot Partner Program was the obvious way for us to achieve that."

Alex Embling

Managing Director

Strategic IC

Attracting Clients With Full Funnel Inbound

Alex wanted Strategic IC to be its own best case study for the inbound methodology and started by defining the agency’s buyer personas.

“We identified four – the enterprise decision maker, the enterprise influencer and what we call the medium-size decision maker and the medium-size influencer. In terms of size, the enterprise companies we target typically have 10,000 or more employees and revenues of $1 billion plus.”

The team created a host of content on the inbound methodology, including ebooks and a frequently updated Blog, and added Smart Calls to Action and Smart Forms. They also use the Social Inbox to promote the agency’s offerings across social media.

Strategic IC uses the HubSpot growth stack – a combination of the MarketingCRM and Sales software. The CRM gives it a clear view of each lead’s journey through the website, while HubSpot Sales allows the sales team to automate and improve their follow-ups with prospects.    

The agency began attracting interest and quickly signed up several clients to the HubSpot software.

“Today, we generate 80% of our customers through inbound marketing – they come to our website from social media and organic traffic, and then are automatically nurtured until they’re ready to be speak with us.”

"The HubSpot software, Partner Program and methodology is there to help us and our clients to grow and be successful."

- Alex Embling

Results That Get Noticed

Since partnering with HubSpot, Strategic IC gets an average of 8,000 website visitors and 80 leads per month, and it reached Platinum Tier Partner status in under two years. 100% of its clients are on retainers; Alex says that they are signing up to longer and more lucrative contracts, so the agency now has a more predictable revenue stream.

“Many of our customers buy the Reporting add-on, which allows us to produce reports on virtually any metric from the HubSpot software. Once they can see exactly where their investment is going, and how our work is making an impact, they are eager to do more with us. We also help them with the sales side of their inbound strategy, offering training on how to follow up with leads in the right way and at the right time.”

“One of our clients is generating an average of 50,000 visits and 150 leads per month. Over the past year, we’ve contributed $500,000 in revenue to their sales pipeline.”

"If you want to build a predictable business with recurring revenue, then look no further than the HubSpot Partnership Program."

- Alex Embling

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