Talent Clue Discovers HubSpot and Boosts Traffic by 1.5X

Launched in Barcelona, Spain in 2013, Talent Clue helps companies find the best talent more efficiently. With its software, clients can post to job boards, aggregators, social networks and their own websites with one click. The concept was a new one to the Spanish market, and Talent Clue realised that it would need a powerful inbound marketing platform to help it to grow its business. It turned to HubSpot. Since adopting the HubSpot software, it has tripled its sales team and increased its leads by 70%.


increase in website visitors


increase in leads


growth of sales team

About Talent Clue

Talent Clue was created by SNTalent, a head hunting company that wanted to build a software solution to help businesses find the best talent, faster. With the Talent Clue software, clients can post job offers on multiple job boards and social media platforms instantly. Once candidates apply, their information is indexed and stored in a single database in the cloud. The recruiter can then search this information by keyword or filter, compare applicants, prepare reports and send automatic email responses. Talent Clue is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Getting Clued In to Inbound Marketing

When Talent Clue first started, its Marketing Director, Toni Gimeno, was acutely aware of how important inbound marketing would be to the company’s success. Toni recalls, “I follow marketing blogs and forums from the US and back in 2013, everybody was talking about how many leads were being generated through targeted blogging and content such as webinars and ebooks.”

Before partnering with HubSpot, the company was using multiple marketing tools, including Hootsuite to manage its social networks and MailChimp for email marketing campaigns. But it couldn’t do much in the way of personalisation and when visitors did come to its website, there was no way to convert them into leads. Toni was convinced that the HubSpot marketing platform could help, having heard about its powerful features from fellow marketers.

It was a big decision for the start-up to make – after all, it had investors to please and a limited budget. However, when an external marketing consultant also recommended it, Talent Clue was convinced. It adopted the HubSpot's marketing software in April 2013. 

“We decided to be bold and try it, even though it was a really big investment for us,” explains Toni.

"We decided to be bold and try it, even though it was a really big investment for us."

Toni Gimero

Marketing Director

Talent Clue

Smart Content Convinces Customers

The company began by using the HubSpot Blogging App to create fresh, relevant content that boosted Talent Clue’s search engine ranking and drove traffic to its website.


Toni explains, “HR is a conservative sector and it’s hard to change people’s minds about how things should be done. A lot of HR managers in Spain aren’t big social network users – they never would think to advertise a job on their company’s Facebook page, even if that page has 40,000 likes. The blog helped us to put it in their heads that there’s another way to do it.”

Talent Clue also started to use the HubSpot Social Inbox to manage all of its social networks, employing its powerful features to schedule and publish content that resonated with its audience. Visitor numbers began to increase; the next step was to use the HubSpot software to convert them into leads.

The company created industry-relevant content and offers, including ebooks, webinars and free trials, and leveraged their potential with Landing Pages, Smart Content and Smart CTAs.

Visitors to its site were being shown content that was personalised to them and their position in the sales funnel. Their response, declares Toni, was incredible.

“At that time, people had never seen this type of content; they were actually emailing us to ask if it was really free to download an ebook or to attend a webinar. Thanks to the HubSpot software, our leads don’t see us as a brand, they see us as people who can help them achieve their goals.”

One of Toni’s favourite tools is the Workflows App, which allows the company to segment its leads and nurture them to sales readiness with contextual information that is tailored to their specific needs.

“First, we send them top of the funnel emails and CTAs. When they become marketing qualified leads – for example, if they have downloaded two ebooks and attended a webinar – they start to receive middle of the funnel content that is more related to our software.”

Once leads become sales qualified, they are assigned to a sales rep, who further nurtures them with email Workflows. When the moment comes to make the sales call, the potential customer, Toni says, is ready to listen.

“Our sales people love HubSpot's software because closing sales has become so much easier. At the beginning, they were sceptical and wanted to keep doing things the old-fashioned way – getting information on a lead by email, rather than through the HubSpot's marketing platform. The changing moment came when they started calling leads and the leads already knew our brand and felt positive towards us. They were thanking our reps for the content they had received; they were the ones making the chitchat. It was then that the sales people began to say, ‘well, this is better!’”

"Our sales people love HubSpot's software because closing deals has become so much easier."

Toni Gimeno

Marketing Director

Talent Clue

Making Gains and Future Plans

According to Toni, inbound marketing has been pivotal to Talent Clue’s success.

“We wouldn’t be where we are without it – inbound marketing is the only way to go. In 2013, we had only three sales people. Now we have nine people in the sales department, thanks to the volume of leads and opportunities we create with by using HubSpot's software.”

Visits to the Talent Clue website have increased by almost 1.5X, from 2,092 a month in January 2014 to 4,974 a month in January 2015. New leads are up by 70%, from 453 a month to 773 a month, while the take-up of free trials has increased almost 50%.

Toni says that the company is going to take advantage of the advanced features of the HubSpot software to boost these numbers even more. 

“We have been creating a lot of content, but now we’re established and we want to do more optimisation. Our conversion rates are already high for our Landing Pages but we want them to be even better. We are going to start using Smart Landing Pages, so the content will change depending on whether the visitor is a customer, a sales-qualified lead or just a marketing-qualified lead.”

Talent Clue also has big plans for expansion. Its next goal is to further develop its presence in Latin America.

“HubSpot's software is going to help massively with this,” asserts Toni. “We’re going to use it to create country-specific Landing Pages and provide the new audience with ebooks and webinars created specifically for them.

“The great thing about HubSpot's marketing platform is that the sky is the limit. You can think outside of the box and have crazy ideas that nobody ever thought of before and find a way to make them happen.”

"The great thing about HubSpot's marketing platform is that the sky is the limit. You can think outside of the box and have crazy ideas that nobody ever thought of before and find a way to make them happen."

Toni Gimeno

Marketing Director

Talent Clue

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