Talent Clue Discovers New Ways to Grow With HubSpot

Talent Clue’s software helps companies to recruit and hire the best candidates quickly and effectively. As its product was a new one to the Spanish market, Talent Clue needed a way to build momentum and generate and nurture leads online. It turned to HubSpot. Since then, it has boosted its blog traffic by 64%, leads are up 194%, and has increased revenue by 291%.


Increase in revenue


Increase in leads


Increase in blog traffic

About Talent Clue

Founded in 2013 in Barcelona, Talent Clue’s mission is to empower companies to attract top talent to their brand while delivering the best candidate experience: they help companies to find the best talent, faster. With its software, clients can post employment opportunities on their own websites, social media platforms and multiple job boards in an instant. Once candidates apply, their information is indexed and stored in a single database in the cloud. The recruiter can then easily filter their data, compare applicants, prepare reports and send automatic email responses.

Using Inbound to Bring a New Concept to Market

Talent Clue entered the Spanish marketplace in 2013, bringing with it a SaaS solution designed to make the recruitment process quicker and more effective. It had an innovative product, but its target clients had never used software like this before. To succeed, it needed to make sure that its inbound marketing was on point.

“At the time, we were using a collection of standalone solutions, like Hootsuite to manage our social networks and MailChimp for our email campaigns. However, our activities weren’t joined up; we couldn’t personalize our communications and we didn’t have a way to drive leads through the funnel,” says Eli Domínguez, marketing director with Talent Clue. 

The company began to investigate all-in-one marketing automation platforms, and the HubSpot software soon rose to the top of its list. 

“It had all the features we needed under the one roof, and a lot of our industry colleagues recommended it as the best on the market. As a startup, we were naturally careful about where we spent our money, but we decided that this was an investment that we had to make. We signed up in April 2013.”

"We wanted to establish ourselves quickly and keep building our momentum, and the HubSpot software offered a way for us to do that."

Eli Domínguez

Marketing Director

Talent Clue

Scaling With the HubSpot Software

Talent Clue immediately began using the HubSpot software to turn its website into a lead-nurturing machine. It set up a blog and created content, including ebooks, courses and webinars, and added Calls-to-Action and Forms to encourage visitors to engage. It also drove traffic from across the web, using the Social Inbox to generate and schedule its posts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

It was an approach that worked incredibly well, but six months ago, Talent Clue changed direction and began targeting larger, enterprise-level organisations as opposed to SMBs.

“We decided that moving to account-based marketing (ABM) would be a smart move for our business. So we took 50 potential client companies and identified three key personas: the CEO, the hiring manager and the recruiter. We also defined the key stages they would reach: awareness, consideration and decision.”

The next step was to produce the highly personalised messaging that would resonate with each
persona at each stage. Talent Clue’s own customer success director, Pol Franquesa, helped it to hit the ground running, explains Eli.

Today, the company is harnessing the power of the HubSpot growth stack, the combination of the MarketingCRM and Sales software. That allows it to keep the information flowing between its marketing and sales departments, and everyone is now working from the same page.

“With the CRM, we can see every interaction that a lead has had with us, and our salespeople use Sales Pro to convert them into closed customers. They use every feature – Templates, Sequences, Meetings – it definitely helps us to keep prospects interested.”

Talent Clue’s content manager, Carla Almeda, was brought onboard a year ago, and she has been wowed by how easy the HubSpot software is to use.

“I picked it up straight away, and I like how it amplifies everything I do, from email campaigns to blog posts. I’ve recently started using the Content Strategy Tool, which allows me to determine which topics our personas care most about and then create content clusters around them. That translates into higher search engine rankings and more engaged leads.”

"We’re going after bigger clients now, and they have a more considered decision-making process. With the HubSpot software, we can connect with them at every stage."

- Eli Domínguez

Keeping the Growth Going

Since signing up with HubSpot, Talent Clue’s blog traffic has increased by 64%, while leads are up by 194%.

“That continual growth is very important to us. We’re targeting higher value clients, so every lead has the potential to turn into a lucrative deal,” says Eli.

Talent Clue’s revenue is also on the up. It has increased by 291% since 2015 and by 27% in just the past six months.

“That’s obviously something that we want to keep going, but we realise that enterprise-level clients expect more. We need to make sure that they are engaged at every stage, including after they make a purchase. That’s why we’re so excited that the HubSpot Customer Hub is launching in 2018. That’s going to be a game changer for us in terms of our customer success strategy. It will help us to provide world-class follow-ups and consultancy and turn our customers into promoters for our brand.”

Eli would recommend the HubSpot software to any other company that wants to start achieving more with inbound.

“It’s become so valuable to us, from saving us time to allowing us to determine what works and what doesn’t. It’s like a secret weapon, and it has become integral to our company’s development.”

"HubSpot is committed to innovation, and we’re excited to see where it can take us next."

- Eli Domínguez

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