Triaster Triumphs With HubSpot to Increase Leads by 650%

Triaster offers a business process management platform that allows its customers to manage and improve their processes. By early 2016, it had diversified its product and needed to target new business more aggressively. It stepped up its content marketing efforts, but the collection of disparate tools that it was using weren’t making an impact – it needed a more powerful, integrated solution. After evaluating a range of options, it chose the HubSpot software. Since then, it has increased its website traffic by 109%, boosted leads by 650% and reduced its spend on external lead generation by £80K.


Increase in leads


Increase in website traffic


Increase in organic traffic

Triaster Team


Based in Oxfordshire in the UK, Triaster has spent over 20 years in the business process management space. It believes that its clients’ BPM system should be the single source of truth for their processes and documentation. It offers them a customisable platform that helps them discover, manage and improve their processes so that they achieve objectives such as accelerated growth, reduced operational risk or business function transformation. Triaster solves problems for companies such as Microsoft, National Oilwell Varco, Balfour Beatty and HomeServe, as well as organisations such as Northamptonshire Police and the University of Winchester.

Seeking a Smart Solution To Target New Clients

Triaster offers a business process management platform that helps its customers to manage and improve their processes. By early 2016, it had segmented and improved its product and needed to target potential new customers more aggressively. Emma Harris, operations director with Triaster, says that she came to the conclusion that the company’s marketing strategy needed a rethink.

“With our sights set on new business, I decided that inbound marketing was the right approach. We had experimented with Google AdWords, but we saw little improvement in traffic or leads. We were using MailChimp for emailing clients, and we promoted ourselves on Twitter and Linkedin, but it wasn’t enough.”

Sourcing fresh leads was one of the Triaster’s main goals, and it was paying an external company to help it achieve this. However, it wasn’t getting a good return on its investment.

“We knew that we needed to invest in marketing software to power our new strategy, so we began the search. We started looking at the main players in that space, including Pardot, Marketo and HubSpot.”

After evaluating all three, the HubSpot software won out, and Triaster signed on the dotted line in 2016.

“It was a truly all-in-one solution, it was the most intuitive and seemed best placed to give us what we needed.”

"The online reviews we read all pointed to the HubSpot software being the best solution for us. It has everything we need – it saves us time, it’s easy to use and helps us be more effective."

Emma Harris

Operations Director


Seeing Around Corners With the HubSpot Software

Triaster set about restructuring its website on the HubSpot COS, setting up its blog on the Blog App, creating Landing Pages for its content and adding Calls-to-Action to encourage visitors to engage. It also did a lot of work on its personas, so that it could target different types of leads with the right kind of material and offers.

“We developed our personas using the HubSpot templates; we have Decision Dave, who is in control of the budget, and Improvement Imogen, who is good at persuading Decision Dave to sign off on purchase. Then we have Quantity Quentin, who is an end-user but is not in charge of decision making. We also added in some negative personas, including Poor Peter – a student who is doing course research.”

According to Emma, Triaster’s first priority was to increase traffic. “We decided to increase traffic and then focus on leads and sales. We used the SEO tools and the Social Inbox to increase our profile and we quickly saw an uptick in visitor numbers.”

After that, Triaster shifted its focus to nurture these visitors into leads and then into customers.

“We publish at least three blog posts a week, and we regularly add more detailed content, such as whitepapers, videos and case studies. Once we have captured a visitor’s details, they are entered into Workflows that are relevant to their persona and also their stage in the marketing funnel.”

The sales team is now using the HubSpot CRM, and thanks to lead scoring, they are updated on the actions that potential customers take at key points along their journey. That means that they can start researching them and make contact when the time is right.

“Our salespeople can have more informed conversations with clients, and we have found that the integration between marketing and sales is a lot better. Everyone is pushing in the same direction in the same way; we’re all on the same page.”

"The HubSpot software has allowed us to successfully change our strategy to aggressively focus on gaining new business, and it keeps delivering."

- Emma Harris

Big Results and Big Plans for the Future

Since partnering with HubSpot, Triaster has made some amazing gains. In just 12 months, it has seen a 263% boost in organic traffic to its website, while leads are up by 650%. Triaster’s library of content is also proving a draw, with one particular report on process mapping achieving a 29.1% conversion rate.

“The HubSpot software enables you to do things in a completely different way, and we can see the results of our efforts with the Marketing Analytics Dashboard. It has given us an alternative to PPC advertising – we simply don’t have to do that anymore. We were also using an external lead generation company and we’ve dropped that now, saving us £80K,” says Emma.

Triaster plans to continue its strategy to generate more new business and also wants to grow its partnership programme. Emma believes that the HubSpot software will be a key part of this.

“We’re very satisfied – HubSpot is developing all the time and is so responsive to its customers’ needs. I would recommend the platform to any company that wants to adopt the inbound approach. If you invest the time, you will get the results.”

"The returns we get from the HubSpot software make it a must-have for our business."

- Emma Harris

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