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Partner Day at INBOUND 2018 Agenda
Developers Track

HubSpot is working harder than ever to create a loveable developer platform. Whether building for the HubSpot CMS or using our APIs to create an integration -- the new developer track for Partner Day @ INBOUND will provide in-depth technical workshops, development best practices, and real-world examples from other developers for you to check out. Members of our engineering teams will also be available to answer all of your questions and provide hands-on support throughout the day.

Session Title and Description

Time and Room

AMA with the HubSpot Product Team

Join us for a special Ask Me Anything (AMA) with the CMS and API HubSpot Product Teams. This your chance to ask your burning questions, explain your challenges, share your ideas and help shape our development roadmap.

4:30 PM | Room: Boylston

Creating Workflow Extensions: Updates, Use Cases, and What’s Coming Next!

Bella Wu & Skyler Whorton, HubSpot

Announced at the spring Partner Day, Workflow Extensions is a new API that allows you to extend HubSpot’s automation functionality with triggers from, and actions to connected tools. This session will explore requested use cases like triggering a document when a HubSpot CRM deal moves to the next stage, or automatically sending a message when a prospect requests a demo. Find out what’s coming up and get an in-depth technical walkthrough with the team’s technical lead and product manager.

11:45 AM & 4:30 PM | Room: MIT

Custom Forms: All Your Questions Answered

A session covering what’s possible with form embed code custom options, global callbacks, and the AJAX endpoint, just to name a few. We will also review common questions such as how to customize your embedded code, how to prevent submissions, how to include tracking info, and the differences in scripts for forms with basic, pro and enterprise packages.

10:45 AM | Room: MIT

Developer New Releases and Updates

It has never been a better time to develop on HubSpot! Learn about all the newest releases - plus exciting updates on some of our most recent releases. You don’t even need to wait until you get home to start building. We will have members of our technical team standing by to help answer questions as you start coding, all during this session.

10:45 AM | Room: Boylston & 3:30 PM | Room: MIT

From Simple to Mind-Blowing: A Technical Walkthrough of How Our V2 Custom Modules Are Changing the HubSpot CMS

Jeff Ausura, HubSpot

The power of the HubSpot CMS lies in developing brilliant custom modules. This interactive session will start by exploring exciting community examples and the code powering their creations. Afterwards, we’ll get hands on in the code to push the limits of what you considered possible and help you take your custom modules skills to the next level.

3:30 PM | Room: Boylston

Getting Started with HubSpot APIs

Chris Baldauf & Stuart Layton, HubSpot

From sign-up to hello world, HubSpot’s APIs allow you to extend the potential audience for your agency, integration or service. This session is for anyone who wants to learn about the HubSpot APIs from scratch, and is meant to break down any barriers, share real world examples, and get you started before you leave the room.

2:30 PM | Room: Harvard

How to Create a UI That Marketers Won’t F*Up
Want to empower your team and clients while spend less time fixing issues? Learn the latest techniques and best practices for building UI for marketers or content creators that is flexible, yet unbreakable.

2:30 PM | Room: Boylston

HubDB - What Is It and How Far Can You Take It?

Matt Coley, Liz Shaw, & Pat Wilver, HubSpot

Join us as we explore unique ways community developers are using HubDB and the code powering them. Whether you’re brand new to HubDB, or an expert, this hands on workshop will give you new insights for building your next CMS creation.

10:45 AM | Room: Harvard

HubSpot Product Keynote

Nicholas Holland, Lou Orfanos, Michael Redbord, and Nancy Riley, HubSpot

HubSpot’s product GMs are pulling back the curtain to give you insight into what their teams are building and why. You’ll hear about soon-to-be-released features from each product line -- Marketing, Sales, Service and Connect -- before launching to the general public so you’re ready to bring these new products to market with your clients.

9:15 AM | Room: Ballroom

Optimizing Your Integration: Building an App That Customers Love

Learn how to leverage the power of HubSpot’s stack and take full advantage of our APIs, webhooks, workflows. Plus, we will walk through the new API Style guide that will help make it easier than ever to build a loveable and growth-driven integration. Whether you are starting out or a seasoned integrator, you will leave this session with the tools to build more efficient integrations, faster than ever.

2:30 PM | Room: MIT