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Custom Domain Connection

Inspire consumer trust and brand recognition by connecting your custom domain to your website for free.

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  • Connect a custom domain to your website without upgrading to a paid plan

  • Inspire trust by keeping your brand consistent across channels

  • Make it easy for customers to find you online with a branded web address

  1. Match your business name to your web address.

    Having a custom website URL is critical for brand recognition and customer affinity. However, many website builders that allow businesses to create sites for free charge additional fees to link that website with a custom domain.

    HubSpot's content tools let you connect a custom domain for free from day one. Take advantage of the entire platform to build a beautiful branded website without hidden costs or forced upgrades. 


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  1. Connect a domain to your website for free.

    Building a website for your business is exciting. Dealing with a complicated or costly domain connection process isn’t. With HubSpot, you can connect a domain to your website in just a few simple steps. Once connected, you can focus on what really matters: engaging with your customers through your website.
  2. Build your brand with a custom domain.

    Without a custom domain name, your business website may lack credibility or be hard for users to find. With HubSpot, you can quickly connect a custom domain to your site and build brand recognition and consumer trust right from the start.
  3. Skip the hassle of third-party website tool providers.

    Many website builders require additional fees and technical know-how from users who want to get a custom domain and secure web hosting. Content Hub takes the guesswork out of the website-building process by including everything you need to build, customize, and secure your website right out of the box.
  4. Drive growth with easy-to-use content creation tools.

    Connecting your custom domain is only the beginning. With hundreds of professional themes, built-in SEO recommendations, and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop page editor, Content Hub allows you to launch a beautiful website in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A domain is the URL text someone inputs into their browser when they want to visit your website. It typically comprises a subdomain (like www.), the root domain, and a top-level domain extension (like .com or .org).

    Businesses can purchase a custom domain that is unique to their brand; for example, "apple.com" is unique to the Apple brand and is mapped to the Apple website.

  • You can get a custom domain through domain registrars. Popular options include GoDaddy, BlueHost, among others. Once you purchase the domain from your preferred provider, you’ll be able to connect it to Content Hub, or any other CMS you are using.

  • You can connect your domain to your HubSpot-hosted website with just a few steps. Once connected, you can quickly and easily build and publish your website using one of our professional themes and our drag-and-drop page editor.

  • With HubSpot, you can build a branded website without a custom domain. If you choose to go this route, HubSpot will automatically assign you a subdomain that will be formatted as follows — https://<companyName>-<portalID>.hubspotpagebuilder.com.

  • HubSpot’s free website builder includes a drag-and-drop editor, web hosting, free security features, blogging software, and more. The platform does not include a custom domain name. However, unlike many CMS platforms, HubSpot allows businesses to connect their existing domains to their websites without upgrading to a paid plan.

    • Establishing brand authority: Having a website with a custom domain boosts its credibility and helps bolster brand recognition.
    •  Improving discoverability: A custom web address helps customers and referrals look up and find your site by name.
    • Maintaining brand consistency: A custom domain allows you to match your brand name across channels — from your site to your socials and beyond.