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Go beyond simply password protecting pages. Create membership-based content that creates a truly personalized out-of-the-box website experience. No plugins required.

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Create Content for Specific Segments of Your Customers

Start creating membership-based content that gives your customers information that pertains specifically to them.

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See why thousands of customers choose HubSpot to power their websites.

A website that speaks to the needs of every single customer.

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    Deliver your web content to specific segments of customers.

    We get it. Prospects aren’t the only people visiting your website. You have customers, partners, resellers, and other stakeholders you do business with. Each of these groups should find your website helpful and informative.

    That’s where Memberships come in. With CMS Hub, you can leverage HubSpot lists to allow only specific customers to access a section of your site. Create content that only specific groups  can access. Give updates that only your current customers can see. With Memberships, your website becomes much more than just a lead generation tool.

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    Create personalized membership pages.

    With Memberships, you’ll be able to fully leverage the power of dynamic content and the CRM together to create secure yet personalized ‘profile pages’ for your customers.  Contextualize the content shown to each user to provide membership-driven materials such as recent purchase information, upcoming appointments with your company, and more. With Memberships, you’ll be able to create a membership-driven website that your entire customer-base can find value in.

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    Expand how you do business.

    Access to exclusive content or promotions can change the way you do business.

    Create new revenue streams by offering exclusive content to your top customers. Control access to this content easily by using HubSpot lists that automatically update as new customers qualify.

    Have a promotion that you only want a segment of your customers to see, or an offering that only a segment of your customers will be interested in? With Memberships, you can be strategic with how you surface these offers to your customers, increasing your success with each campaign you run.

The power you need, with the flexibility you crave.

Use CMS Hub to regain control over your website--so your team can focus on customer experiences, not website management.

See why over 73,000 customers use HubSpot to make marketing more human at scale.