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Free Meta Description Generator

Effortlessly create compelling meta descriptions and titles with our generator, and boost your clickthrough rates in search.

  • Automatically generate compelling SEO titles and descriptions

  • Bolster your SEO efforts with click-worthy meta elements

  • Save time and overcome writer's block with AI-assisted writing

  1. Generate compelling meta descriptions that get clicked.

    When using search engines, readers need context to determine if a page is click-worthy. Compelling meta elements such as your page’s SEO title and description can help give them the nudge they need to choose your content over others.

    With a free meta description generator, you can create compelling descriptions and titles with just a click of a button, ensuring your carefully crafted content drives clicks and impact. 

  1. Don’t let your content fall flat in the SERPs.

    Without the right meta description and page title, even the best content can be disregarded. After all, users have endless options to click from on search engine result pages. HubSpot’s meta description and title generator can help you craft descriptive page summaries — even after a long day of writing and editing.
  2. Bolster your SEO efforts by boosting clickthrough rates.

    Meta elements don't impact rankings, but they can affect SEO. An alluring meta description can raise clickthrough rates, which in turn benefits SEO. The HubSpot meta description generator simplifies the process with minimal effort.
  3. Never struggle with an empty meta description field again.

    Writing unique meta descriptions for every page on your website requires a lot of time and effort. Using HubSpot’s free meta description generator, you can create custom and SEO-friendly titles and descriptions for your website pages in a fraction of the time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Meta elements are snippets of code that give search engines and users information about a web page’s content. Meta elements can provide information about a page’s title, description, authors, and more.

    Typically, meta elements aren’t visible on the page. Instead, users can see them in search results after performing a relevant search.

  • A meta description generator is a part of HubSpot’s content assistant tool that automates meta description copywriting for web pages. A meta description generator typically utilizes human-written inputs to generate a description of a page. 

    HubSpot’s meta description generator can help you create meta descriptions and titles based on prompts such as the page’s title or a brief summary of its content. 

  • Some best practices for meta descriptions are:

    • Keep it concise (155 characters or fewer)
    • Use active language
    • Include relevant keywords
    • Use descriptive text to highlight benefits
    • Avoid clickbaiting users
  • Meta elements help readers and search engines understand what your pages are about. The meta title provides information about the page’s main topic while the meta description includes a brief summary of the content. 

    Pages with compelling meta elements are more appealing to users, increasing the likelihood they will click through to your site. Ultimately, this can help your page’s search engine rankings by influencing clickthrough rates. 

  • HubSpot’s meta description generator can help you automatically write and edit page titles and meta descriptions. 

  • "Meta title," "SEO title," "title tag," and “page title” are often used interchangeably to refer to the HTML element that serves as the headline for a web page in search results pages.